Rashad Childs

TGS Insurance Agent
Direct: (713) 983-2200 ext: 61863
Toll Free: 1-800-846-1882
Email: rchilds@tgsinsurance.com

About Rashad Childs:

  • My hometown is Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • I've been an insurance agent since 2014.
  • I have one son.
  • I'm full of surprises... My favorite movie is The Princess Bride, and I love karate.
  • Reading books, playing basketball, and spending time with my son are high on my list of fun things to do.
  • Ready for this fun fact? I'M A FIRST DEGREE BLACKBELT.
  • I love the industry because it allows me not only provide a product that protects the customer's investments and best interest but also affords the opportunity to educate customers on there current policies and coverage limits and in a lot cases save some money on top!

Products and Services

Home IconHome

Over 20 of our carriers compete to handle your homeowners or renters insurance policy, so you’re covered faster, more comprehensively, and without the headache.

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Auto IconAuto

With over 10 of our carriers competing to handle your auto insurance policy, you’ll be covered faster and with less stress.

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Boat IconBoat

Various TGS Insurance partners are ready to handle your boat insurance policy so you get all the coverage you need at the most affordable rate.

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Motorcycle IconMotorcycle

TGS Insurance brings you plenty of carrier options to choose from for motorcycle insurance.

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About TGS

TGS Insurance puts your needs first, ensuring you are happy and able to make informed decisions about the policies that we present to you. We provide the best quotes available at the lowest possible cost to you. Worried about your situation impacting policy prices? We can find coverage for virtually any risk!

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