Black Friday and Cyber Monday Shopping Tips


Stay Safe During Black Friday and Cyber Monday Shopping

Thanksgiving seems to have come and gone quickly this year, but now starts the crazy holiday shopping season. If you plan on braving the crowds and shopping on Black Friday, or staying indoors and shopping on Cyber Monday, we have a few recommendations for you to keep you and your purchases safe.

Black Friday Shopping Tips

  • The parking lot of your favorite mall or store can be a dangerous place on Black Friday. Small accidents can happen, causing unnecessary damage to you or your car. Drive slowly and be patient when trying to find a parking spot.
  • If you plan to shop all day and store your purchases in your car, be sure to keep them in the trunk and out of plain sight.
  • Park your car in a well-lit area.
  • Carefully back out of your parking spot and be completely aware of other shoppers and drivers.
  • Use only one credit card while shopping. Not only is it easier to track purchases, it also helps in the unfortunate event there’s a data breach. That way, you only have to replace one credit card, versus multiple.
  • Save all your receipts!
  • If you’re shopping at high-end stores this year, we suggest keeping your purchases in a non-branded shopping bag. This can deter thieves if they’re on the lookout for certain logos and brands.
  • Breakdown any boxes from high-value purchases so curious eyes don’t take note of what’s in your home.

Cyber Monday Shopping Tips

  • Thieves know a lot of people shop on Cyber Monday, and your front porch is the perfect spot for them to get the ultimate discount- free. We recommend diligently tracking any packages that are being delivered, and to be home if possible. If you’re waiting for a high-value item, don’t take the chance of theft and instead, have the package delivered to a facility or PO box where you’re able to get it. UPS offers ‘Hold for Pickup’ service that comes in handy during the holiday shopping season!
  • Your inbox is going to be full with deals and promotions on Cyber Monday. Be on the lookout for phishing and spam emails! These dangerous emails are created to look like a Cyber Monday deals, but are far from it.
  • Double check the website URL is secure before inputting any credit card information. Look for ‘secure’ next to the website URL.
  • If the deal seems too good to be true, it’s probably fake. Be on high-alert for ads on social media and search that are disguised as your favorite retailer. Click through the to Facebook page or website and look around to make sure the website or social page is legit.
  • Avoid fake shopping and deals apps. These are just copycat apps that are designed to hack your mobile phone and steal your data.

The holiday season is the merriest time of year, and don’t let the joy run dry because of a home break-in or fender-bender in the parking lot. Be smart with your purchases, and alert of your surroundings! In the unfortunate event something does happen to your home or car, your TGS Insurance team is behind you to help.

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