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How Much Does Home Insurance in Edna, Texas Cost? 

Edna home insurance costs $1,692 (including wind coverage) per year on average for TGS Insurance Agency customers, which is $1,737 less than the yearly statewide average of $3,429 for homeowners throughout Texas. Over 56% of homeowners don’t shop their home insurance policy around and therefore are missing out on substantial savings. At TGS Insurance Agency, we automatically shop over 35+ A-rated (or better) home insurance carriers in Edna, TX so homeowners always get the best policy at a great rate! 

Home Insurance Cost by Coverage Level Amount in Edna, Texas 

The biggest benefit homeowners receive by comparing the average home insurance rates with their current policy is the chance to understand whether or not they are overinsured or underinsured. Neither is a place any homeowner wants to be because if you are overinsured, you are overpaying for coverage you will never need, but underinsured run the risk of paying out-of-pocket when restoring their homes after it was affected by a peril.

Take a closer look at the average home insurance policy premium by coverage amount for homeowners who reside in Edna, Texas:

Coverage Amount Average Policy Premium in Edna, Texas


Home ValueAverage Annual Premium (incl. Wind Coverage)

What Will The Standard Home Insurance Policy in Edna, Texas Cover?

Knowing what you are covered for and what you are not covered for is very important for every homeowner. Your home insurance policy is crafted to protect you and your home from perils specifically named situations that are listed on your policy. Should you experience a peril, you would then submit a claim, and after it is accepted by your home insurance provider, you would receive a reimbursement to restore the loss, according to your policy’s limits. Your policy will protect you against a lot, but it is not a blanket coverage that protects against everything. Understanding this is important so that you can avoid being blindsided by a potential gap in coverage and build a more complete form of protection with additional coverages. 


For example, over 43% of all homeowners mistakenly believe that their homeowners insurance will cover floods. Or there are a lot of homeowners who are not prepared with additional water backup coverage left to spend thousands on sewer issues and others who fail to cover expensive collectibles that exceed their policy’s limits. By making these common mistakes, homeowners may end up paying more out-of-pocket in a time they need help the most. Learn more about the many coverages that your standard HO-3 home insurance policy contains to keep you protected.


Coverage A: Dwelling

Protecting your home’s physical structure and other important components including your walls, roof, plumbing, foundation, wiring, etc. is critical for all homeowners. Dwelling coverage does just that. Should you face a peril that requires your home to receive repairs or even be completely rebuilt, you’ll receive compensation so that you won’t have to pay for these expenses alone. Homeowners need to carry enough coverage to cover rising construction costs with an amount that is capable of fully restoring their homes to their current value following a loss. Your insurance agent can help guide you on the right path for the proper amount of dwelling coverage to keep you protected without overpaying.


Coverage B: Other Structures

Other structures coverage will protect any structures not physically attached to your home, such as a detached garage, fence, or shed, with the same protection that your home is covered under. 


Coverage C: Personal Property

Appliances, clothes, electronics, furniture, etc. can all face a variety of perils. From being stolen to being lost or destroyed, homeowners rely on personal property coverage to protect their valuables from harm. It should be noted, however, that while your possessions are protected, even when they are not on your property, from a variety of perils, there are policy limits that exist. If you own valuables that exceed these limits, additional coverage would be necessary to avoid a coverage gap.


Coverage D: Loss Of Use 

Loss-of-use coverage helps you pay for living expenses such as hotels and food in the event your home becomes uninhabitable while you wait for repairs to be finished.


Coverage E: Personal Liability

Personal liability coverage helps protect homeowners and other members of the home from legal fees and monetary losses if there is a lawsuit due to an injury to a visitor of your property or if you or a member of your household were to cause damage to another’s property.


Coverage F: Medical Payments

Medical payments coverage can provide up to $5,000 in protection for medical expenses. This coverage is meant for visitors who injure themselves while on your property but does not include the members of your household or you, the homeowner.


Popular Home Insurance Policy Endorsements in Edna, Texas

Flood Coverage protects your home from flood events. Many homeowners believe their home insurance policy will protect them from flooding and this is unfortunately false. Furthermore, government assistance may help you restore what is lost, however, there are plenty of stipulations and complications that come with the government not only offering assistance but providing it to those affected. With flood average claims capable of reaching over $42,000, flood coverage is an important investment. The average customer at TGS Insurance pays only $528 a year for their coverage. We’ll even compare through various flood insurers so that you know you’re getting the best deal available!


Umbrella Coverage is a great way for homeowners to receive additional liability protection. Homeowners with assets can find themselves and their finances exposed if they are involved in a legal matter with their pockets and/or their assets on the line. Your umbrella coverage helps protect you from these situations and can provide coverage to help mitigate your overall expenses while protecting your assets.


Extra Contents Coverage helps protect valuables such as firearms, instruments, collectibles, etc. that may otherwise be left out of your homeowners insurance’s protection. The reason that homeowners purchase extra contents coverage is to protect their valuables that exceed policy limits. If you own valuables that hold a higher value than your standard home insurance policy allows, you may want to consider this additional coverage option to avoid a coverage gap.


Why Buy Home Insurance in Edna, Texas with TGS Insurance 

TGS Insurance takes a different approach to the way we sell home insurance. Great coverage doesn’t have to break the bank and with our carrier-agnostic approach, we work for you, not an insurance brand. By shopping every client’s coverage among our bank of 35+ A-rated (or better) home insurance providers, we ensure that our clients find the best deal for the lowest price every time!


Not only do we find you the lowest rate for your coverage, but we handled the entire process so you don’t have to! TGS Insurance does the heavy lifting for you because we understand that purchasing home insurance can be a time-consuming and stressful process. From beginning to end and everything in between, our agents are there to serve you. This means shopping for the right policy for your home, setting up your payment, and handling all the boring paperwork for you. Our stress-free approach to home insurance allows you to focus on other things while we take care of your protection- shopping for homeowners insurance has never been easier!


Year after year, we continue to work for you to ensure that you are receiving the best deal on the market for your home insurance policy. Again, we understand that finding the right homeowners insurance policy can be time-consuming, and if you didn’t have time for it the first time, how can you be expected to have time to do so every year? Don’t worry, we do! The agents at TGS Insurance are here for you and will re-shop your home insurance policy so that you never overpay again. On top of that, If your agent finds a better policy, we’ll transfer your policy to give you the coverage and price that you deserve! We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and work to find you the best coverage for the lowest price today, tomorrow, and for years to come!


We don’t like to brag, so we’ll let our reviews do the talking. We hold 4.8 out of 5 stars on TrustPilot from more than 1,600 reviews!


Zip Codes in Edna, Texas That We Insure

  • 77957


Don’t see your zip code listed above? Don’t panic! As long as you live in Texas TGS Insurance has you covered!

Home Insurance Carriers in Edna, TX

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TGS Insurance is Edna's Premier Home Insurance Provider

Edna neighborhood

Edna, Texas is a city found along US-59 around 25 miles northeast of Victoria, Texas. This small community is home to many shops and local eateries as well as Shelby Park. Nearby, there are plenty of recreational opportunities for its residents including the Texana Park and Campground, Brackenridge Plantation Recreation Area, and Lake Texana. TGS Insurance assists homeowners living in Edna, Texas by finding affordable protection for their homes through home insurance. TGS Insurance is proud to be one of the leading home insurance providers for Edna, Texas homeowners!

Edna neighborhood

TGS Insurance helps homeowners in Edna, Texas find the home insurance coverage that fits their needs without paying extra. Homeowners in Edna, Texas all need one thing- the best home insurance policy for the lowest price available. TGS Insurance is an independent insurance provider working with homeowners throughout Texas. We win business in Edna, Texas every day by providing our clients with next-level customer service and the strong relationships cultivated with 35+ top-rated insurance brands.

Key Home Statistics in Edna


Total Population in Edna, TX


Average Home Value in Edna, TX


Median Household Income in Edna, TX


Median Age in Edna, TX

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Local Home Resources in Edna, TX

Fire Departments
Edna City - City Manager- City Hall- Fire & Emergency Medical Service Department- Fire Mar126 W Main St
Edna, TX 77957
(361) 782-3122
Edna City - Fire & Emergency Medical Service Department105 N Allen St
Edna, TX 77957
(361) 782-3541