How to Share the Road With Motorcycles

It can be easy for motorists to forget that motorcycles share the roads just as any other vehicle would. Motorcycles pale in size when compared to cars, trucks, and vans. They are even smaller when compared to 18-wheelers, yet, no matter which means of travel we select, we all must share the road and respect one another. Motorcyclists can become exposed to much more danger than those inside vehicles because there is far less to protect them if there is a crash or unsafe driving conditions. With more than 13 million motorcyclists on the road in the U.S., we all must do our part to be mindful of creating a safer driving environment for motorcycles and everyone else on the road. Take a look at some of these helpful tips that can help you respect your fellow drivers and keep motorcyclists a little bit safer.

Check Your Mirrors and Blind Spots

This is always a great practice when driving but when it comes to observing motorcycles, it can be much more imperative. Missing a car in your blind spot can result in a painful and possibly fatal crash. For motorcyclists, these odds are much more amplified. Motorists of larger vehicles such as large vans are trucks should also take this into extra consideration as their blind spots will be even larger. Motorcycles are everywhere and taking extra care to look out for them on the road can help avoid injuries and save lives.

Always Drive Defensively

Aggressive driving is never a good thing and can cause unnecessary wrecks and unsafe driving conditions for everyone involved. Driving defensively allows you to react better to unpredictable situations and keep yourself and others safer. Motorcyclists will likely require extra attention to detail and aggressive movies such as swiftly changing lanes can limit the amount of time you have to react, your vision in blind spots, and your ability to correct should a mistake be made.

Give Motorcycles More Space Than Vehicles

On the surface, it can be easy to assume that a motorcycle would require less space because they are smaller than a car or truck but they actually deserve even more space. Motorcycles also require extra time to come to a stop and one of the main causes of accidents with motorcycles are rear-end crashes. What could be an expensive cosmetic fix for two cars can be a trip to the hospital very quickly when a motorcycle is involved. This tip is even more important in more hazardous driving conditions such as rainy or windy roads or construction zones. Be cautious and be patient to respect motorcycles when navigating the roads.

Remember to Check Those Blind Spots and Left-Hand Turns

Wait, didn’t we cover this? You are correct, however, not only is this point in need of extra emphasis, but the very act of checking your blind spots and turns twice is necessary to stay safe. Always take another look and especially when turning left. Our eyes may miss things at first glance and even when properly taking care to look out for motorcycles, motorists can see things wrong which can lead to disaster.

Never Drive Distracted

The leading cause of accidents in the United States is distracted driving. Whether this is texting, eating, applying makeup, or adjusting the radio, distracted driving comes in many forms. It is impossible to do anything else on this list while driving if you are distracted and it is always best practice to give the road your full attention.

Observe Motorcycle Signals With Extra Caution

Motorcyclists can have additional difficulties when it comes to turn signals. Not only do motorcycles require more time to make their turns and merges than traditional vehicles, but turn signals can also take longer to turn off for motorcyclists. Unlike modern cars, trucks, and vans, motorcycles need to have their turn signals manually after executing a move.

Bonus Tip: Be Mindful When Cutting Your Grass

Do you live next to a roadway? Many people don’t realize that loose grass clipping from a lawnmower can create a slippery path for motorcyclists. When cutting your lawn, be sure to avoid spraying the road you are cutting next to with your grass clippings. Use a lawnmower with a self-collecting bag or have them discarded towards your yard instead of the road. This may not be a tip for motorists but homeowners can also do their part to keep the roads a safer place for everyone.

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