How to Stay Safe During a Hailstorm 


There’s nothing more jarring than the sounds of rain turning into loud thuds signaling the start of a hailstorm. Regardless of where you are, whether you’re out and about or at home, a hailstorm can be a stressful situation. Knowing what to do when a hailstorm hits can help ease your stress levels and protect yourself, your home or car. Read on for some tips on what to do when you catch yourself in the middle of a hailstorm. 

Stuck Outdoors in a Hailstorm 

  • Seek indoors ASAP: If you are just outside of your house or near a building of some sort, find the nearest indoor shelter as quickly as possible. The smallest piece of hail can be very hazardous and cause injuries.
  • Avoid taking shelter under trees: If you are somewhere that is not near an indoor shelter, then avoid taking cover under a tree. Hailstorms are typically followed by lighting, and when under a tree, limbs can break off or you can be at risk of electrocution. 
  • Cover and take care of your head: Protect your head at all costs. If you are on your way to take cover or have to sit outside during a hailstorm, then find something to cover your head. A backpack, purse, jacket is a good source of protection if you don’t have anywhere to go to keep safe.
  • Check the weather: Before you make plans to be outdoors and somewhere that is not near shelter, be sure to check your local weather. Reschedule for another day if serious storms are headed to your area.

If You’re Out Driving During a Hailstorm

  • Do not get out of your vehicle: Though you may be tempted to make a run for indoor cover, stay inside your car. You’re much safer in your vehicle and the roof will protect as you wait out the storm. 
  • Find a safe place to pull over: Driving during a hailstorm is extremely dangerous and can cause expensive damage to your vehicle. The combination of the speed of your vehicle and hail can lead to your windshield and windows to either crack or completely shatter. It’s best to pull into a neighborhood or parking lot to hunker down until the storm is over. 
  • Try to move to the center of your vehicle: It might seem dramatic to situate yourself away from the windows of your car, but hailstorms are unpredictable. This tip might seem pointless, but it can protect yourself from serious harm if your windows do shatter.
  • Protect your eyes and head: If the windows do shatter, then you will want to make sure your head and eyes are covered. Broken glass can be very harmful to these areas of your body, so try to find anything in your car to protect them, like a blanket, jacket or backpack.
  • Get your vehicle properly inspected: Once the storm is over, you’ll want to go get your vehicle checked out to make sure you don’t have any severe damage. 

A Hailstorm When Indoors

  • Be accountable for your family and pets: Make sure everyone in your family and furry friends are inside. If you have outdoor animals, make sure they have shelter because they can be seriously injured by hail.
  • Do not go outside: Stay inside until the storm has completely passed through your area. If it is a heavy hailstorm, then you’ll want to make sure all the hail has melted, so you can avoid slipping on it.
  • Move away from windows: Similar to being in a car, you will want to be as far away from the windows as possible. It may be tempting to stare out the window and watch the hailstorm pass but they can be incredibly dangerous. It’s important to keep in mind that hail can shatter or crack your windows. 
  • Check for damages: Once the storm has passed through, check all areas of your house for hail damage. If you are worried about roof damage, wait for a professional to assess the damages or try to check from the ground.

Source: American Family Insurance 


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