Speeding Is The Strongest Predictor Of Accidents

A new analysis that utilized data gathered from telematic devices found that speeding is unequivocally the most risky form of aggressive driving. While that may be unsurprising to many, the sheer amount of data used to come to this conclusion moves the danger of speeding from anecdotal to fact.

Canada’s University of Waterloo examined data from 28 million trips in an effort to understand the connections between four specific types of dangerous driving behavior, and accidents. The four factors researchers looked for were hard braking, hard acceleration, hard cornering and speeding.

All of the data was gathered from drivers in Ontario and Texas that had on-board telematics devices installed on their vehicles as part of their auto-insurance policies.

After looking at the data it became clear that speeding is the single strongest predictor of an accident. As it turns out, the study was unable to connect hard braking, hard acceleration and hard cornering to accidents in any statistically significant way.

Allaa (Ella) Hilal, an adjunct professor of electrical and computer engineering at Waterloo spoke with the Insurance Journal about the results of their study. “Some of the results are no surprise, but prior to this we had a whole industry based on intuition,” said Hilal. “Now it is formulated – we know aggressive driving has an impact.”

Of course, this is only one study in an area that deserves ample amounts of research. Hopefully more researchers undertake studies of their own so we can obtain a more concrete understanding of what types of driving causes accidents.

For now, know that your telematic device isn’t just saving you money on your car insurance premium, but it’s also helping everyone better understand what safe driving looks like.

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