Vehicle Thefts With Keys Left Inside The Vehicle Are Increasing

With summertime approaching, and the car tops getting ready to come off for the season, it’s important to remind everyone to please stop leaving their keys inside their vehicles. Seriously, it’s becoming a huge problem.

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) recently released a report about vehicle thefts that found that a disturbing number of people are leaving their keys in their vehicles. This has lead to an unprecedented rise in vehicle thefts, which is only continuing to grow.

The report focused on data measured from 2015 through 2018. During that three year time period, vehicles that were stolen because the driver left their keys in the vehicle increased by 56 percent. If you go back five years that number jumps all the way up to 88 percent. In total, the NICB reports that an average of 209 cars were stolen per day during that time period, all with the keys inside the vehicle.

Of course, as the NICB points out, those numbers are likely a bit low simply because many people were probably too embarrassed to admit that they forgot their keys in the car. “The number of thefts with keys or fobs left inside may be substantially higher since many drivers don’t admit to making the mistake, and it’s not reported in the police report or insurance claim,” says the report.

While it’s impossible to prevent all car theft, it is entirely possible to prevent what the NICB calls “complacency thefts.” All people have to do is stop leaving keys or fobs in their vehicles. While it is convenient to always have your keys in your car, it’s incredibly inconvenient to deal with a stolen car. Trust us, it’s worth having to go back inside and grab your keys from time to time.


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