Boats Took A Beating This Hurricane Season

As the damage assessments from a brutal hurricane season are completed, a more detailed picture of consequences these storms had on the insurance market is beginning to unfold. As it turns out, the boat owners took some serious hits as a result of these hurricanes.

A new report from the Boat Owners Association of the United States (BoatUS) found that approximately 63,000 recreational boats were damaged or destroyed as a result of hurricanes Irma and Harvey. In total that amounts to a combined estimated damage total of $655 million.

BoatUS noted that these numbers come surprisingly close to what is still the single-largest industry loss–Hurricane Sandy back in 2012. Sandy resulted in 65,000 damaged or destroyed recreational boats and a total of $650 million in damage.

The individual storm breakdown from this past year shows that Irma was by far the most destructive of the storms with 50,000 vessels damaged or destroyed and $500 million in damages. By comparison Harvey was relatively mild with 13,500 boats damaged or destroyed and $155 million in damages.

BoatUS Marine Insurance Program Vice President of Claims Rick Wilson spoke with the Insurance Journal about their findings, saying that “These two storms were as different as night and day. The boats that were hit the hardest by Harvey were located on a relatively small slice of Texas coast, while we saw damage to recreational vessels from Irma in every corner of Florida.”

“While Hurricane Irma’s losses are significant, it could have been much worse,” continued Wilson. “Irma ultimately traveled up Florida’s West Coast and not the East, which was initially forecast. And while locations in the right front quadrant of the storm such as Big Pine Key and Marathon were hit hard with a Category 4 storm, Irma lost strength as it approached the mainland and swept up Florida. As the storm passed east of Tampa Bay, waters receded and came back gradually, also lessening surge damage.”

The hurricane season of 2017 has been an unusually devastating one. We can only hope that this trend does not continue in the future. For now, make sure you have the proper insurance coverage! The staff at TGS Insurance is always happy to help and answer any questions that you may have. Visit for more information.


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