Scientists Promise To Calculate Flood Risk For Every Property In America

Flooding has always been an issue in certain parts of the United States but global warming has caused floods to become more pervasive and more destructive. As a result, more people are at risk of flooding than ever before. To help combat this, a team of scientists have announced that they plan to calculate the past, present and future risk of flooding for every property in America.

The study is being conducted by a massive group of people that includes scientists from Columbia University, flood modeling firm Fathom, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the research institute Rhodium Group, Rutgers University, the University of California–Berkeley, and the University of Bristol. All of these groups will be working with the leader of this study, the First Street Foundation (FSF), a tech-focused nonprofit.

Of course, this information has been available in the past, but always at a price. Insurers and real-estate investors have been purchasing flood risk information for years. What makes this particular undertaking unique is that the First Street Foundation plans on releasing all of their findings to the public, for free.

Giving everyone equal and free access to flood risk information will be a game changer for thousands of people. It will help people understand their insurance rates, and understand what they are getting into when purchasing a new home.

Matthew Eby, First Street’s executive director of First Street spoke with the Insurance Journal about this project. “The government has failed to inform the American people about the true risk of flooding be it past, present or future facing. Large institutional investors are capitalizing on that,” said Eby. “We will put this otherwise privileged information into the hands of every American, so they are empowered to protect themselves.”

Collecting this information will take time, but the FSF group is committed to releasing this information to the public as quickly as they can. For now, all people can do is wait and make sure that they have purchased a good flood insurance policy.

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