Head Of FEMA is Frustrated With Cycle Of Inadequate Disaster Preparation

The head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Brock Long has hit his limit. He’s upset, and he wants you to know it. What was the final straw? People like you and I, unfortunately. Long expressed surprise and frustration at how many citizens decided to remain behind during Hurricane Michael despite repeated, and persistent, evacuation orders.

During a recent press briefing, Long was quoted as saying “It’s frustrating to us because we repeat this same cycle over and over again…If you want to live in these areas, you’ve got to do it in a more resilient fashion.”.

What does Long mean when he says “in a more resilient fashion”? He means heeding evacuation orders, and making sure you have appropriate insurance policies before disaster strikes. While that may seem like basic advice to many, the data shows that a surprising amount of people are not doing either of those things.

Long isn’t just displeased with individual citizens, he also believes that the government needs to step up and do more to protect their residents from extreme weather events. After all, science shows us that these extreme weather events are only going to become more common, and more severe, as time goes on.

Long summed up his desires for improved government relations when he said ““Until we get building codes passed at local and state levels that are meaningful, then we’re going to continue to see a lot of damage and destruction,”.

FEMA plays a critical role in disaster response, but as Long points out, they can’t do it alone. “We’re just one part of the formula that’s needed in this whole community to stop this madness,” Long said. “You see this enough in your career, you get ticked off.”.

No matter your opinion on climate change, it is clear that extreme weather events are becoming more destructive, and more common. These issues are not going away, and it’s imperative that people do everything they can to prepare for unexpected disaster events.

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