Massachusetts Gas Explosions Bring Renewed Focus To Gas And Pipe Safety

Having gas service to your home can be incredibly beneficial. A gas stove is incredible for cooking, a gas heating system is fast and efficient. However, gas is always a volatile substance to deal with. If you do have gas service, or are considering getting gas service installed in your home, be extra sure that your insurance policies are up to date. A recent gas-fueled accident in Massachusetts made this reality all too clear.

Three communities in Massachusetts were rocked by a devastating series of explosions, that all link back to gas lines operated by Columbia Gas. As a result, the cities of Andover, North Andover and Lawrence experienced a combined total of 60 fires. Most of which were burning simultaneously, presenting a massive challenge for first responders.

Thousands of customers were forced to evacuate their homes while responders located the source of the explosions and worked to rectify the issue. Columbia Gas employees were forced to inspect over 8,000 homes before people were able to return to their homes.

Unfortunately, what actually caused this tragedy is still unknown. It is true that Columbia Gas was in the middle of replacing gas lines in all three of those towns, but it is still not known how much of an effect, if any, that project had on this situation.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has dispatched a team to investigate, with attention being paid to the safety of the gas pipes in question.

Columbia Gas is no stranger to pipe safety concerns. The company was found to be at fault in an NTSB investigation in Western Virginia three years ago when several houses were destroyed by gas explosions.

Gas is an incredibly useful service for homeowners, but it can be an unpredictable. Take the time to protect yourself from the unexpected by making sure your insurance policies are up to date! The staff at TGS Insurance are always happy to help. Visit to learn more.


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