New Satellites Will Show Who Is Contributing To Climate Change

The concept of climate change is still difficult to grasp for many. Even when people understand what climate change is, they might not understand how to stop it. It is a concept that is easy to grasp on the macro level, but difficult on the micro. A new wave of satellites is hoping to change that.

More than a dozen governments and companies from around the world have come together to create and launch a system of satellites that will be able to identify specific contributors to climate change.

This satellite system would be able to track nations, companies down to the specific building that is producing these harmful gases. As a result, these entities could be held more accountable for their specific contributions to climate change.

These satellites won’t be able to track every contributing factor, but they will be able to keep an eye on methane-gas emissions specifically, which is thought to be accountable for about a quarter of man-made global warming.

The Insurance Journal spoke with Mark Brownstein, a senior vice president at Environmental Defense Fund which is scheduled to launch one of these satellites in 2021. “Space-based technologies are allowing us for the first time to quickly and cheaply measure greenhouse gases,” said Mark. “Oftentimes both government and industry are not fully aware of the magnitude of the opportunity to cut emissions. With that data, they can take action.”

Hopefully more regulators take note of what this group is doing help combat global warming. It’s a crisis that touches most industries, especially the insurance world. It is not unreasonable to expect to see more efforts like these in the coming years. After all, anyone can say they are against global warming, but people and companies need to be held accountable for their actions. This is a giant step in the right direction.


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