The Most Common Workplace Injury For Women?

A recent report by the National Safety Council brought to light a lot of upsetting data surrounding the causes of workplace injuries that experienced by women. According to this data, women are disproportionately affected by workplace safety issues.

In 2017 alone, 12,820 women experienced an assault-related injury at work. The National Safety Council reports that 70% of nonfatal assault-related injuries in the workplace that result in days away from work involve women. In comparison, only 5,530 men received assault-related injuries are work during the same time period.

The same study found that 59% of accidental injuries in the workplace, 57% of falls and 61% of repetitive motion injuries all involved women.

While no one should have to experience an injury at work, this is clearly an issue that is disproportionately affecting women, and needs to be addressed. Nick Smith, interim president and CEO of the National Safety Council spoke with the Insurance Journal about this, saying that:
“Our workplaces should be safe havens for everyone, and these data show us we can do more to protect women in the workplace…As employers examine the biggest risks facing their workforce, we urge them to consider these trends and make sure safety is extending to all employees.”

It is interesting to note that the type and frequency of injuries reported varies greatly by industry. For example, 80% of nonfatal injuries and illnesses in healthcare involved women, while that number was only 61% in the education sector.

Everyone has the right to feel safe at work, and a big part of that means that employers need to have a robust workers compensation policy in place. To learn about your current policy, or inquire about a new one, reach out to TGS Insurance at


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