We Made It To The End Of Hurricane Season…Kind of

The 2017 hurricane season has been one for the record books. Hurricane Irma, to Harvey, Jose and 15 others, a total of 17 storms wreaked billions of dollars worth of damage across the world. Luckily, Thursday, November 30th marked the official end of the 2017 hurricane season, but some experts say this still might not be the end.

In the 166 years that people have been recording these storms, only 17 tropical storms and six hurricanes have formed in the Atlantic after November 30th, according the U.S. Hurricane Research Division in Miami. This suggests a relatively low chance that the world sees any more storms from the Atlantic this year. However, weather conditions hint otherwise.

According to the Insurance Journal, water conditions in the Atlantic are still warm enough to feasibly support a large storm. So, yes, it is possible, but the chances of a storm forming and then actually making landfall in the United States are still fairly low.

The National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reports that there has never been a December hurricane that made landfall in the United States. Jeff Masters, co-founder of Weather Underground in Ann Arbor, Michigan, spoke with the Insurance Journal, telling them that because of the larger weather patterns around the U.S. this time of year, most late-breaking storms would be pushed away from the mainland.

Despite all this, given how the 2017 hurricane season played out, it may be wise to keep an eye on the Atlantic til the New Year. No one is going to forget the lives lost and damage caused by hurricanes over the past year. Harvey, Irma and Maria alone killed hundreds and racked up over $200 billion in damages.



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