Wearables In The Workplace Present New Problems

The latest fad that’s sweeping through workplaces across America, is wearable tech. This allows a company access to massive amounts of real-time data about their employees and their workplaces. It’s easy to see the potential positive impact that information like that can have, but it’s equally important to understand the negative ramifications that match data can create.

A big problem with most current wearable tech is that these devices are collecting way more data than they need to be. Most of these devices are capable of collecting biometric data about the wearer, and can even be used to notify emergency services if an accident occurs. However, many of these devices are also monitoring where the wearer walks, what the temperature of their surroundings is and more. All of this extra data puts the wearer at risk.

This is particularly true because wearable device data is notoriously unprotected. That’s why Brad Waldron, vice president of Risk Management for Caesar’s Entertainment out of Las Vegas, is sounding the alarm about the downside of wearables.

Waldron sat on a panel discussing this issue. “…in getting the stuff that you really want, you actually end up getting a lot of other things that you may or may not be prepared to handle or answer questions about,” said Waldron. The panel continued pointing out that these wearables can inadvertently connect data about people the wearer is with, which is a major privacy issue.

The truth is that employers have never had access to this amount of data about their employees. This is truly uncharted territory. That means that the rules and regulations necessary to deal with this technology is going to be lagging behind. Businesses need to seriously consider this before deciding to implement wearable tech amongst their workforce.

Yes, there are a lot of benefits, but there are just as many risks. That doesn’t mean avoid wearables all together, but it does mean that businesses should do their research before jumping into the ever-deepening pool of wearable tech.


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