Winter Insurance Tips

While we all enjoy a good YouTube video of someone slipping on ice, the dangers that winter presents are very real. It’s important to spend time getting prepared for winter. That means making sure your house is ready for the new season, your car and your insurance policies! This is our winter preparedness checklist that everyone should adhere to during the colder months.

Check Your Gutters

Ice dams can cause serious problems to your home. Whether those issues manifest themselves as ice falling on passerbys below, or water to seeping into interior walls, it’s best to avoid them all together. The best way to avoid ice dams is simply to keep your gutters clean, especially before a freezing night or major snowfall.

Check Your Pipes

A frozen pipe inside your home can be a major issue. Take the time to winterize your pipes before the freezing temperatures hit to avoid what is sure to be a serious headache later on. One of the best way to do this is to insulate any pipes with heat tape or foam sleeves to help protect them from cold temperatures. This is especially important to do for water pipes that run through colder areas, like the garage or attic.

Prep Your Car

Perhaps the most dangerous part of the winter months for most people, is driving in the snow and ice. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that your car is prepared for winter! Take the time to check your coolant and antifreeze levels, you don’t want to run out of either of those in the cold. It’s also worth taking the time to check your tires. If you’re running a set of summer tires, you will almost certainly need a pair of all season or winter tires if you live in an area that experiences snowfall.

It’s also worth taking the time to put together a winter supply box for your car. That box should include a flashlight, ice scraper, water and emergency food rations in case you get snowed in somewhere! Driving in the winter can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be dangerous if you take the time to properly prepare.

Check Your Insurance Policies

A proper homeowners policy will protect you from common winter incidents, like someone slipping on your property, but not all policies do! That’s why it’s important to check yours before the first major winter storm. Make sure your homeowners policy protects you from any winter-related incidents.

Since driving is so much more dangerous during the winter months, it’s also important to have an auto-insurance policy that’s up to date! Getting into an accident already makes for a bad day, don’t make it worse by having an ineffective auto-insurance policy.

Winter can be beautiful, but it can also be dangerous. Take the time to protect yourself, and your assets, by falling our winter checklist! If you have any questions about your insurance policies, take the time to reach out to the staff at TGS Insurance. They’re experts in the insurance industry and are always happy to work with you to find solutions to any of your insurance needs. Visit to learn more.


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