Amazon and Walmart Are Having Issues with Tesla’s Solar Panels

Tesla’s SolarCity division has long been touting it’s solar products as the future of energy. As it turns out, that future might be a little further out than Tesla wants you to believe. Amazon has now joined Walmart in publicly claiming that Tesla solar panels are responsible for fires that they experienced.

In Walmart’s complaint the company explained that they leased or licensed roof space to Tesla’s energy unit in more than 240 of their stores. Walmart goes on to accuse Tesla of shoddy installation of their solar hardware, which resulted in fires at more than a half-dozen of Walmart’s stores.

Amazon did not have nearly as many locations where they were utilizing Tesla’s energy division, but still asserts that they experienced a fire as a result of the solar panels. According to the Amazon complaint a June 2018 blaze on the roof of one of its warehouses in Redlands, California is attributed to the Tesla panels. As a result, Amazon has made it clear that they do not plan to implement the Tesla technology at any other locations.

Tesla responded to these claims by blaming a specific connector which was manufactured by Amphenol Corp.. According to Tesla these connectors “experienced failures and disconnections at a higher rate than our standards allow.”

Amphenol Corp., predictably, denies these claims. “We have no reason to believe that Amphenol’s products are the cause of any issues related to the claims filed by Walmart against Tesla,” the Wallingford, Connecticut-based company told the Claims Journal. “We stand behind the quality of our products.”

While we can only speculate as to which side of the story is the truth, we can say with confidence that if you have been considering purchasing Tesla’s solar panels for yourself, you may want to do a bit more research first.

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