Belief In Climate Change Has No Bearing On Efforts To Mitigate Damage

A new study conducted by the University of Notre Dame came to some surprising conclusions surrounding climate change and efforts to mitigate the consequences of that change.

According to the study, believing in climate change had no measurable effect on whether property owners on the coast take steps to protect their homes from hazards that are directly related to climate change.

This study looked at data from a 2017 Coast Homeowners Survey of 662 respondents. In a moment of cosmic randomness, the same county that those respondents hail from was hit by Hurricane Florence.

Tracy Kijewski-Correa is the Leo E. and Patti Ruth Linbeck Collegiate Chair and associate professor of civil and environmental engineering and earth sciences, as well as associate professor of global affairs and co-author of this study. Tracy spoke with the Insurance Journal about the studies findings.

“We found that climate change attitudes have little to no statistically significant effect on coastal homeowners’ actions towards home protection, homeowner action or homeowner intentions to act in the future,” said Tracy. “This is despite the fact that with climate change, U.S. coastlines have experienced increased frequency and intensity of tropical storms and sea level rise, which has further heightened their vulnerability to waves, storm surge and high-tide flooding.”

These findings highlight an important issue that directly impacts millions of Americans. As of 2019, roughly 39% of the U.S. population live in coastal-shoreline counties. That number is only expected to increase over the next few years.

That means that a lot of people need to come to grips with the fact that global warming is causing more frequent and intense natural disasters. As a result, Americans need to take the time to prepare.

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