Florida Residents Will See The Impact Of Climate Change Sooner Than Expected

Climate change has been at the forefront of global conversation for years. The majority of scientists in the world agree that climate change is not only a problem, but the problem that humanity needs to solve. Unfortunately, many people still subscribe to the “if I can’t see it, I don’t believe it” school of thought. As it turns out , Florida residents might be seeing the results of climate change sooner than most.

Resources for the Future, a non-profit organization based out of D.C. that conducts research on resource issues, released a report entitled “Florida Climate outlook: Assessing Physical and Economic Impacts Through 2040.”

According to this report, Florida is going to experience a statewide increase in average temperatures and a statewide increase in the average number of days above 95 degrees Fahrenheit. While that in itself is not surprising, what is surprising is that those changes will happen in the next twenty years.

Florida is also an area that is particularly susceptible to rising sea levels. As the report states, “Florida’s long coastline and low-lying land make it particularly vulnerable to the damaging impacts of sea level rise. Every additional inch of sea level rise will increase the economic risks Florida faces from flooding, which will threaten more property and infrastructure…Rising seas will also reduce groundwater quality through saltwater intrusion.”

To put that rising sea level in perspective, Florida has 490,000 people that live on land that’s less than 3 feet above the high-water mark. All of those people will be at an increased risk of flooding that will only get worse year over year.

To help address these issues, Florida’s Senate Appropriations Committee created the state Office of Resiliency whose sole charge is to develop strategies to combat rising sea levels. Residents can only hope that this is not something that is too little too late.

Climate change also means more extreme weather scenarios. The hope is that as self-learning algorithms and deep learning artificial intelligence networks become better, we will be better able to predict and prepare for these extreme weather events.

Of course, humanity can’t stop climate change overnight. Which is why it is all the more important that people have the proper insurance policies in place to protect them from extreme weather events. Particularly those people who live in coastal regions like Florida.

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