Tesla Solar Panel Claims Continue To Come In

Walmart and Amazon recently made headlines for their claims that Tesla solar panels were responsible for multiple fires that those companies experienced over the last year. Unfortunately for Tesla, more claims continue to pile up related to their solar panel product line.

Most recently, a homeowner in Massachusetts and a small business owner in Maryland, both purchased products from SolarCity, Tesla’s solar power department. The other similarly between these two people? They both had their solar products cause fires on their property.

It is worth pointing out, that Tesla is right when they claim that these incidents represent a small portion of their customer base. For context, Tesla claims that if you use their SolarCity products on your home, your risk of experiencing a is seven times lower than they face from home wiring and lighting. A little over 400,000 people currently have a SolarCity product installed on their home or business.

“In the past year, less than 1% of 1% of sites have experienced any type of thermal event necessitating any form of emergency response, and there have been no injuries,” Tesla said in a statement. “While we strive for zero risks across all of our products, this rate of risk presents less of a household danger than a home washer or dryer.”

While Tesla maintains that a small number of their customers have been affected, the company also reached out to all of the homeowners across the U.S. that have their SolarCity products installed to tell them that they need “preventative maintenance” on their home-solar systems.

Nevertheless, as is always the case with new technology the public’s perception of the safety of these products is at risk. If the general market decides that Tesla’s solar products are dangerous, that could sink that business before it even has a chance to get off the ground.


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