Mass Shooting Insurance Is On The Rise

Mass shooting insurance, more commonly referred to as active assailant coverage, was created in 2011. It is a uniquely American necessity, and is one that seems to be becoming more popular every year. Predictably, the rise in popularity for this type of coverage rather closely mirrors the amount of mass shootings happening around the country.

This type of policy typically provides coverage for property damage, loss of business income, medical expenses for victims and funeral expenses when necessary. It is worth pointing out that an active assailant policy is intended to supplement, not replace, other policies such as general liability insurance.

Loretta Worters, vice president at the Insurance Institute spoke about the need for active assailant policies. “As violence grows in schools, malls, universities and other venues, insurers found that many of the standard liability policies in existence were written prior to the rise in mass shootings…Some [existing] liability policies even exclude gun-related violence entirely,” said Worters.

Naturally, the costs of active assailant policies vary greatly based on factors like the type of venue that’s being insured, security measures etc. A small business might only pay $1200 a year for a $1 million worth of coverage, while a concert venue may have that same $1 million in coverage cost $5000 in annual premiums.

Active assailant coverage is meant to supplement existing policies. That means that, like with any new type of policy, it is especially important for would-be-policy holders to read the fine print carefully before signing. People need to know what they want out of an active assailant policy, and make sure that the policy they purchase covers what they need.

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