Insuring Tree Trimmers Is Becoming A Problem

California has had a tough few years when it comes to natural disasters and the insurance industry. A steady influx of wildfires has left many insurers flummoxed and many consumers picking up the tab as rates continue to climb. The latest victims? Tree trimmers.

Tree trimming has always been a high-risk pastime. It makes sense, after all tree trimmers are faced with accidents like falls from hundreds of feet up, chainsaw mishaps etc. It’s not difficult to understand why insurance policies for tree trimmers have always been on the more expensive side.

Unfortunately, the prevalence of wildfires in the state has made what was already an expensive insurance policy all but impossible to get. The issue boils down to liability.

Tree trimmers are often employed to help keep trees and branches free of power lines. However, working in such close proximity to power lines can be incredibly dangerous, particularly since electrical mishaps can so often lead to wildfires. As a result, tree trimmers often face liability issues when a fire occurs, sometimes for something they did, and sometimes for something they didn’t. This influx of liability claims has made insurers far more wary of offering insurance policies for tree trimmers.

This problem is manifesting itself in several different ways. The first, and most predictable, is the surging cost of insurance premiums for any policy that’s related to tree trimming. The second, and slightly less intuitive consequence, is that many insurers are starting to put wildfire exclusions into these policies; making them all but useless for those in the tree trimming profession.

The reality is that these severe weather events are not going away any time soon. The effects that they are having on the insurance industry are widespread and not to be underestimated. That makes it all the more important to have the proper insurance policies in place.

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