The Key To Predicting Weather And Containing Forest Fires Is Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) seems to be the future of a lot of industries. From self-driving cars, to insurance, the future of AI seems to be limitless. Any industry that relies heavily on data can be helped by a proper AI system. That’s why experts believe that forest fire containment and weather prediction will be the next big industry to benefit from AI integration.

Compta Emerging Business Solutions is a small company based out of Portugal that as been working closely with IBM Corp. to use AI-powered devices to monitor for severe weather events and wildfires.

The Insurance Journal spoke with Vasco Correia, chief business officer at Compta Emerging Business Solutions, which builds the devices. “Climate change is dramatically changing the way we look at this problem of wildfires,” said Correia. “Two years ago we started looking to artificial intelligence and machine learning because we believe those can be game changers.”

The advantages of an AI-controlled monitoring system are extensive. First off, they never have to take a break. The system can monitor an area 24/7. Not only that, but the AI can quickly pick up on patterns that humans cannot. For example, while a person may be able to see dark clouds and know that a storm is coming, an AI system can tell you exactly what type of storm is coming, and when it will arrive.

AI systems can be used to predict danger, but they can also be used to navigate a dangerous situation more effectively. Todd Probert, a vice president with the Compta, spoke with the Insurance Journal about this type of scenario.

“Imagine that the National Guard could quickly pinpoint survivors hidden inside literally the terabyte satellite data that is coming down,” Probert said. “What if those fire responders could make sense out of literally the thousands of texts and tweets and calls desperately seeking emergency services and vector into where the most critical need was.”

The industries that AI can help are too numerous to list here. While movies and pop culture may cause some people to be apprehensive, the truth is AI isn’t being used to build killer robots, but rather to sift through data in a more effective way. It’ll be interesting to see how helpful these systems are as they get activated.


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