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*Coverages are available, but not included in the quoted policy proposal. Listed coverage values can be modified by speaking with your assigned licensed insurance agent.

Quote contingent upon verification of construction type, roof type and age, clear 5-year claims history stated coverage amounts, public protection class, and the distance from the center of your zip code to the nearest coastline. Your actual rate may vary slightly based on actual distance-to-coast. Some carriers utilize insurance credit scoring and the homeowner’s age in their rating. When quoting those carriers, we presume a 51 year old with average credit. Actual policy may be lower with above average credit or recent roof replacement. Monthly rate presumes payment by mortgage escrow. Direct bill is available by e-check or credit card.

Coverage Type – Homeowners Insurance Policy (HO-3) – A Homeowners Insurance policy is a package policy that covers your home and personal property, plus loss of use, personal liability, and medical payments.

Your Current Policy – Upon acceptance of this new policy, we will assist in the cancellation of your current policy and ensure you receive any applicable refund for unearned premium. This typically arrives as a check 2-4 weeks after the completion of the new transaction.

Payment Options – Your new policy can follow the same set-up as your current policy. If escrowed, we will handle those communications with your mortgage company. If you do not escrow, you can elect to pay for the entire year at one time or select a monthly billing, 10-Pay, 4-Pay, or 2-Pay billing optiondepending on carrier selection.