What Safety Plans Should I Make For A Road Trip?

With the holidays over, many Americans find themselves planning a vacation before the Spring finally arrives. As a result, more people than usual are taking to the roads for a good old fashioned road trip. Before you hit the road, take a look at our best safety tips for a successful road trip.

Food & Water
The unexpected happens, and when you’re far from home, it is more important than ever to be prepared to deal with unexpected events. That’s why the most important thing to pack for any roadtrip is extra food and water. Whether you get stuck in traffic, get a flat tire or run out of gas, you don’t want to worry about feeding yourself too. It’s a good idea to keep food in water in your vehicle at all times. You never know when you might need it.

Roadside Kit
Most vehicles come with a roadside kit, but if yours did not there are dozens of good kits available online. A good roadside kit will include emergency flares, all the tools to change a tire, a multitool and a flashlight. Of course, some kits are more robust than others, so take the time to do your research and decide what’s right for you.

Portable Power Bank
In today’s world, we all rely on our electronic devices. If you find yourself in a roadside emergency, you don’t want to have to worry about your phone dying. A good portable power bank is affordable and can give you the peace of mind you need during an emergency situation.

In fact, if you have the budget, some portable power banks are even capable of jumpstarting a car! That’s certainly something worth keeping around.

First Aid
Don’t let a small cut or a headache derail your road trip plans. Keeping a small first aid kit stocked in your car is important for road trips and for everyday life. Make sure you first aid kit has the basics like gauze, antibiotic ointment and bandages.

The Center of Disease Control (CDC) recommends that travelers pack prescription medicines, pain relievers, allergy meds and water purification tablets as well. While this may seem a bit overboard, you’ll be happy you are prepared should an emergency situation arrive.

A good road trip can be a fun and memorable life experience, but any time you are traveling far from home it’s important to be prepared for any situation. These tips are a great place to start for anyone thinking about hitting the open road.

Of course, every traveler should also have the proper insurance policies in place. To learn more about your current coverage, or to inquire about new policies, reach out to TGS Insurance at www.tgsinsurance.com.

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