Why Are People Keeping Their Car Keys In Metal Cans?

The ever-changing world of technology makes it incredibly difficult to stay abreast of the latest forms of cybersecurity. Often, many of the latest cybersecurity trends can seem silly, or at the very least fleeting. Many people assume that basic cybersecurity is a bit beyond their skill set. However, the latest trend among many cybersecurity experts is something anyone can easily implement into their day-to-day lives. All you need is a metal coffee can.

Today, many leading cybersecurity experts have a habit that many who are unfamiliar with the space find a bit puzzling–they always leave their car keys inside a metal coffee can. Apparently, that’s the best strategy to prevent car theft.

Now, a major caveat worth mentioning is that this strategy is only effective at protecting cars that have a key fob. Older vehicles with a physical key will not be protected.

Putting your car keys in a metal coffee containers helps protect your vehicle from theft because it serves as a makeshift Faraday Cage, which blocks electromagnetic fields. This is helpful because one of the most common ways modern cars are stolen these days is by electronically copying vehicle codes from their key fobs. This allows the thieves to create their own fob with the same privileges. Meaning they can walk up and drive your car away like they own it.

This is a relatively new threat, which means security measures are relatively new as well. A new company called GuardKnox has recently been granted several U.S. patents pertaining to vehicle protection. One of the sepatents is for a “Communication Lockdown Methodology”, which is designed to prevent hackers from taking over a vehicle.

Moshe Shlisel, a veteran of the Israeli Air Force and now CEO of GuardKnox Cyber Technologies, spoke with the Detroit Free Press about this new threat, saying that “Vulnerability is everywhere. The fob is a symptom…You’re exposed to many attack vectors. Remember your computer 20 years ago? There weren’t firewalls. What happens if someone takes control of your car while you’re on the highway with two kids inside and you can’t do anything? You’re doomed. And that can be done today.”.

While modern car features make for a more comfortable ride than ever before, all the connectivity also poses a major security risk. Faye Francy, executive director of the non-profit Automotive Information Sharing and Analysis Center also spoke with the Detroit Free Press. According to Francy cyber attacks on vehicles is “…an ever-changing, emerging threat that requires diligence in every aspect of design through operations – it’s not a simple engineering fix…And as we move into smart cities and autonomy, the interconnectedness provides greater efficiencies and safety but also introduces potential risk into the broader global ecosystem.”.

As time goes on effective and affordable forms of cyber defense will come to the market for cars. For now, as crazy as it may seem, keeping your car keys in a metal coffee can actually help you from getting your car stolen.

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