How Can I Lower My Air Conditioning Costs?

Summer has finally arrived and with it the warm weather. Depending on the part of the country that you live in, the weather may be downright hot at this point. Naturally, that means that more people are running their air conditioners, which can easily run up their bill too. We believe that no one should have to overheat in the comfort of their own home just to save some money. So we’ve gone ahead and compiled our top tips for lowering your air conditioning costs during the summer months.

Find The Right Temperature
There is always a lot of debate about what the ideal temperature to set your thermostat to is. The truth is that temperature varies depending on where you are! The general rule of thumb is to always keep your thermostat as close to the outside temperature as possible. That way your air-conditioning system has to do less work cooling down the house.

Of course, the flip side to that is you want your house to be cool enough to be comfortable. The best compromise is usually to keep your thermostat a few degrees higher than you usually do. This will save you money every month, without changing how your home feels by much. Play around each month and see what your costs are. It’s all about finding the right compromise for you.

A truly surprising amount of people buy an air conditioner and never maintain it. We’ve heard handymen tell us that a poorly maintained air conditioner can use up to 30% more power, to achieve the same result. That means that taking the time to maintain your AC unit can save you a considerable sum of money every month in reduced energy costs.

How often you need to have your air-conditioning unit maintained will largely depend on the type of system you have and how often you use it. In general, it’s a good idea to get your AC system looked at once a year.

Use Fans
Contrary to popular belief, having an air-conditioning system in your home does not mean that you shouldn’t use fans anymore. Fans use significantly less power and can noticeably cool down a room. By utilizing fans you’ll be able to keep your thermostat set higher, while still keeping the overall room temperature down.

During the hottest months you should set your ceiling fans to run counterclockwise so they are pushing the cold air down. Trust us, it makes a difference.

Shades & Blinds
Natural light may look great, but it also plays a huge role in causing your house to heat up. Taking the time to draw the shades before you leave in the morning will ensure that you come home to a cooler home every evening. This also means that your AC system will have to do less work to cool your house down to your desired temperature.

Warm weather is a welcome change after the cold winter months, up to a point. A properly air conditioned home can be just the refuge you need, especially if it isn’t draining your bank account.

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