Do I Need Travel Insurance For Vacation?

Travel agencies are swiftly going out of vogue with the proliferation of the internet. Yes, most people are able to take on the tasks that travel agents were responsible for. Anyone is able to find to book their flights, hotel and dinner reservations from the comfort of their own couch. Unfortunately, not all of the travel agents responsibilities have been replaced by a Google search.

Travel agents did not just book your travel, they also helped protect you from unexpected circumstances by making sure you purchased a travel insurance policy before leaving on your trip. Now that people are trusting Google, they aren’t getting the personal suggestions that come from working with another person. That means that an increasing number of people are choosing to forgo travel insurance when planning a trip, and that’s costing a lot of people more than just a little piece of mind. Let’s take a closer look at why travel insurance is so important, and what you should look for when purchasing a travel insurance policy.

To understand why you should invest in a travelers insurance policy for every trip you take, you first have to understand exactly what travelers insurance policy does. A proper travel insurance policy always covers a variety of indicedentals, including:

– Lost luggage
– Medical care abroad
– Reimbursement if you have to cancel your trip at the last minute
– Accidental death coverage
– Car rental coverage
– Lost or delayed luggage
– Reimbursement for cruise delays or missed flights
– Help finding a doctor or legal council abroad

As you can tell by looking at the list of covered incidentals, all of these scenarios are not something you would expect to happen. That’s precisely what travel insurance is for–protecting yourself, and your finances, from unexpected situations. It’s easy to protect yourself from issues you can see coming, it’s more difficult to protect yourself from something that’s impossible predict. That’s why insurance is an industry that continues to thrive, even in the modern era.

Now, it is worth mentioning that there are different types of travel insurance available. Which kind you choose is going to depend on what kind of trip you are taking, and how much you financial risk you are willing to take on.

Credit Card Coverage:
This is only applicable if you have a credit card that you only use for travel. This type of coverage is often the cheapest type of travel insurance and covers things like lost luggage, delayed flights and car rental insurance–as long as it was all booked on that credit card.

Travel Coverage:
This type of coverage is usually purchased directly through a flight, hotel or car rental website. This type of coverage usually only protects you from whatever you purchased form the site, i.e. the hotel, or the flight or the rental car.

Complete Coverage;
This is the type of coverage most people think about when they think travel insurance. All those bullet points we talked about earlier? That’s what a policy like this covers. From trip cancellations, to medical expenses and rentals, this is the type of insurance that protects you from everything.

Going on vacation can be incredibly expensive, Which is why so many people choose to forego the extra expense of travel insurance. Unfortuantely, we can only control so much in our lives, and the reality is that elements that are out of control can change even the most well-laid plans. That’s why it’s always worth it to invest in a travel insurance. You should plan a trip with the peace of mind that no matter what happens, it’s not going to clean out your bank account.

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