What’s A Travel Insurance App and Do I Need One?

Traveling abroad can be a life-changing experience. One of the most pervasive pieces of advice you hear passed down to younger generations is to travel as often as possible. With all of that traveling, comes risk. While you can’t avoid risk altogether, you can (and should) mitigate it. One of the best ways to do that when you are traveling is through a proper travel insurance policy.

But with so many travel insurance policies out there, how do you separate the useful ones from the scams? How do you even decide which policy is better than another? One of the most under-utilized ways of picking travel insurance is to check out the quality of the providers travel insurance app.

A lot of people had no idea that some travel insurance policies include access to an app. That app can be a literal life-saver if you find yourself in an emergency situation abroad.

A good travel insurance app should include the following functionalities:
They need to make it easy to contact your insurer if you need to file a claim.
Real-time access to medical and emergency assistance in your area and covered by your policy.
Embassy and hospital contact information.
The ability to purchase insurance on the go.

Kimberlee Leonard, an insurance analyst for FitSmallBusiness.com spoke with Forbes about the importance of travel insurance apps. “All the travel insurance apps do a good job of helping someone keep track of their policies and helping claims get processed faster,” says Leonard. “The better travel apps have additions for free, like where to find providers for medical attention or pharmacies, country emergency information, alerts, and other local travel aid information.”

The truth is that travel insurance is incredibly important, and a good travel app can make a big difference when you are abroad. However, you should never purchase a travel insurance policy solely based on the quality of that insurers app.

Above all else, a travel insurance policy should be purchased on the merits of the policy itself. By that we mean does that policy provides adequate coverage for your needs? Does it have an affordable deductible? At the end of the day insurance policies are there to protect you financially. While a good app can make a big difference, especially abroad, it should never be the sole criterion for purchasing a policy. But if everything else is equal, a good app can truly set an insurer apart from the pack.


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