Ready for 2018? More Insurance Carriers, More Options

How is TGS Insurance Agency, a BillAdvisor company, preparing for 2018?

In addition to upgrading our insurance services, we’ve launched new partnerships for more extensive coverage options. Perhaps you never knew all the insurance options out there which exist to safeguard your lifestyle — or that we can help you with every single one of them – so here they are!

New Carriers

We are now proudly partnered with over 50 top-rated insurers to meet even your most specific needs.

Carriers vary based upon the risks they’ll insure for you, as well as on various levels of underwriting, discounts, and more. By ringing in 2018 with the addition of over 20 more insurers, we’re able to now offer more than just home, property and life insurance.

So, what does that mean for you?

There’s something for everyone! Browse the specialties of our newest partners below, categorized by consumer needs we notice are often trickier to insure:

new partners of TGS Insurance Agency

Even Greater Options

Protect Your Pet’s Health

Insurance has been a huge topic lately, but what about for your beloved furry family members?

TGS Insurance Agency, a BillAdvisor company, now offers pet insurance so you’ll never have to worry about sticker shock when treating your four-legged friends’ health.

Get Precise, Instant Quotes

Another new venture now lets us offer you state-of-the-art technology capable of sorting through millions of data points to give you the most customized homeowners policy on the market.

Need specialty coverage for rare or precious items that you’d be hard-pressed to replace? Is a child in your home joining a sports team? Maybe you’re starting a business, presiding over a new house of worship, or revving up a vintage car collection?

We offer protection for all of these scenarios and more…


Let’s Go!

With more than 20 additional insurers and advanced policies for drivers, homeowners, landlords, renters, and business owners, there’s something for every type of property owner at TGS Insurance Agency, a BillAdvisor company.

Get your insurance ready for 2018 with affordable, enhanced coverage and contact a TGS Insurance agent today for assistance.

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