Top 10 Bizarre HOA Rules and Complaints in Houston 


Most people value their homeowners association for maintaining well-kept neighborhoods and all the amenities included. But some would agree that their HOA might be too involved with some of the neighborhood rules. From which renovations you’re allowed to have done to the type of mulch you put in your flower beds, here is a list of stories from Houston residents who had an encounter with their overly strict HOA board members.

  1. A resident was sent a warning letter for having too many birds on her roof and if she didn’t get rid of them she would be fined because it was a “nuisance” and an “eyesore.”
  2. One resident received a letter stating that her new AC unit needed to be tan like the original one and her blue water hose needed to be green or yellow. After receiving those ridiculous requests, she gathered other neighbors to vote out the entire HOA board and abolish some of the ridiculous rules. 
  3. One woman had to repaint her front door after the painters did a bad job. She tried to match the original color as close as she could. Five years later she got a letter from the HOA stating that she didn’t get the color approved. She said, “Navy… the navy door I repainted navy.” 
  4. Homeowners in a gated community were told that only the odd number addresses can park their cars in the street every other day. And that homes with even number addresses could park in the street whenever they wanted. One resident went as far as to ask what they should do if they have guests and the reply was they need to ask their neighbors to borrow their parking passes. 
  5. A new homeowner was in for a surprise when he decided to give his new front yard a makeover. He spent days clearing and cutting overgrown grass as well as power-washing and putting in new mulch. So what was the big issue? The homeowner didn’t get the mulch color approved by the HOA. 
  6. An innocent child was the cause of an HOA citation because of their chalk artwork on the driveway.
  7. After living in their new home for three years, a woman received a letter from the HOA stating she needed approval to install screens over all the windows. The lady kindly wrote back stating that the screens were already installed before she moved in and she never heard from the HOA again.
  8. Getting a letter for your grass being too long is a typical complaint from the HOA board, but what about for the grass being too short? A resident received a letter for his grass being too long, so he abided by the rules and cut it. A day later he received another letter stating his grass was now too short, and the HOA attached a diagram showing the “approved length” each blade of grass should be. 
  9. After a major storm, one Houston-area resident had to file a windstorm insurance claim to replace her damaged roof. In the middle of the repairs, she received an email from her HOA saying she needed to stop the repairs because she didn’t get the shingles approved. The HOA sent her paperwork to fill out for replacing the roof, however, the paperwork was specific for pools and patio covers and nothing about replacing roof shingles. Weird? We think so too.
  10. A family was getting ready to go out of town and as they were packing up their car, they left their suitcases behind the open trunk waiting to be loaded. They came home to a letter from the HOA saying they needed to remove the “clutter” from the yard, along with the letter was a picture of the suitcases that they claimed to be clutter. Some people complain their HOA moves too slow, but this HOA moves fast! 

Your neighborhood HOA is there to keep your community looking beautiful and enforce rules so everyone in the neighborhood is happy and held to the same standard. However, it’s clear from the stories above some HOA boards can be a bit too involved. While we can’t do much about your HOA board, we can help you find homeowners insurance with unbeatable coverage at an amazing price! Contact an agent from the TGS Insurance team and get your hassle-free quote today. 

Source: KPRC Local 2 News

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