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How Much is Home Insurance in Converse, Texas? 

Home insurance in Converse costs an average of $1,178 per year among TGS Insurance Agency customers. This average includes windstorm and hail coverage with a 2% deductible and is based on policies with an average home value of $322,376. Our agents understand that every home and homeowner’s needs are different and that’s why we take the time to build the right policy for you before shopping it around among our 35+ carriers! TGS Insurance customers save an average of $870 per year when they make the switch to us. To see how much you could be saving, enter your address for a free instant quote


Comparing Average Home Insurance Quotes in Converse By Home Value

The value of your home is one of many factors that influences your home insurance premium rate. Below is a comparison of the average home insurance quote provided by TGS Insurance Agency within three of the most common home value ranges for Converse, Texas.

Home ValueAverage Annual Premium (incl. Wind Coverage)

What Does Home Insurance in Converse, Texas Cover? 

Home insurance policies can be customized to meet each individual’s coverage needs, but at the most basic level, a common home insurance policy will include the following six coverages:

  • Dwelling coverage applies to your home and any attached structures
  • Other structures coverage pertains to detached structures that are not connected to your home but are on your property. This includes detached garages, fences, and sheds.
  • Personal property coverage applies to damage and/or theft of your personal possessions
  • Loss of use coverage assists with living expenses for homeowners should they experience a loss that causes them to be displaced from their homes. This includes lodging and eating expenses.
  • Personal liability coverage protects your finances should you or someone in your household become responsible for injuring another party or causing damage to their property.
  • Medical payments to others provide coverage for medical expenses for someone who is injured while on your property. A typical policy will cover around $5,000.


All of your coverages work together to provided coverage for you and your home from the various common perils and events your home may face. Understanding how your homeowners insurance policy protects you is important so that you are not blind-sided when suffering a loss. 


How is My Home Insurance Rate in Converse, TX Calculated? 

Insurance carriers determine your insurance premium by first assessing how much risk they would be taking on to cover you. Each carrier has its own formula for assessing risk but there are many common factors that are considered in some way by the majority of carriers.  

Let’s review six of the most common factors that will determine your home insurance premium:

  • Coverage Amounts: Homeowners that require more coverage will have to pay higher premiums whereas those with less coverage will pay cheaper rates. There are many different factors to determine how much coverage you may need including how much it would cost to rebuild your home in the event of a total loss, the amount of liability coverage you require, and the value of your personal possessions.
  • Claims History: When you make a claim, it will stay on your record for 5 to 7 years on average and homeowners with a number of claims deemed to be excessive will receive higher insurance premiums because they will be perceived as a “higher risk” to insure.
  • Credit History: Your credit score may not “make or break” your insurance premium, but it is a consideration for insurance companies when calculating your premium. Homeowners with higher scores will receive lower rates and vice versa.
  • Deductible: If you choose a lower deductible, you’ll have a higher insurance premium to pay, while those with higher deductibles receive lower premiums. Your policy will help you pay for a covered loss but only after you have met your deductible, the amount you are responsible for paying after suffering said covered loss.
  • Home Characteristics: Every home has different characteristics that make it unique and these features are a factor used to determine how much you’ll pay for coverage. Things such as your home’s age, the building materials used for construction, the electrical work, etc. will all play a role. Again, this all comes down to risk. A prime example is that under normal circumstances, a brick home is going to be more durable than a wooden home and can hold up better against weather-related perils or fires.
  • Location: Where your home is located is a major consideration due to two main factors: theft and weather patterns. Homes that are in areas with higher crime rates and/or experience severe weather leaving them more vulnerable to such events see higher premiums than homes that are not in such areas.

Remember, every insurance carrier calculates your premium differently because they assess the risks that you pose differently. Homeowners need to shop around for their home insurance policy to compare multiple brands and find the best coverage for their own needs at the cheapest price possible! At TGS Insurance Agency, our independent agents can do the shopping for you to maximize your savings. Get started by providing your address for an instant free quote to see how much you could be saving! 


Most Common Claims Made in Converse, TX

Let’s review the five most frequent claims made by homeowners in Texas. Use these figures to review your home insurance policy and determine if you are receiving the coverage you need to stay protected.

Type of ClaimFrequency
Wind & Hail Damage1 in 42 claims
Water & Freezing Damage 1 in 50 claims
Non-Weather Property Damage (Accidental or Deliberate)1 in 135 claims*
Theft & Burglary1 in 474 per 100,000 citizens
Fire & Lightning1 in 325 claims
Source: Texas Online Insurance Adjuster Training
*National average 


By using policy endorsements, you can bridge gaps in your coverage and protect against more. One useful example is protecting your home from sewer backup. While some water damage is covered by a standard home insurance policy, water damage from a backed-up drain or sewage system will not be. Homeowners who add water backup coverage as an add-on can receive compensation should they face this peril. Let’s review some of the most popular home insurance policy endorsements homeowners can add to their home insurance policies to avoid coverage gaps:

  • Equipment breakdown coverage can protect equipment such as your air conditioner, computers, motors, etc. from mechanical failure and power surges.
  • Extended replacement cost will compensate homeowners who are facing a loss that is larger than their initial policy or is a complete loss that also exceeds your policy limits.
  • Scheduled personal property will protect personal possessions that exceed your home insurance policy limits.
  • Service line coverage provides financial protection should a service line that is connected to your home suffer damage. Because homeowners are responsible for paying to repair utility lines when they suffer damage and your home insurance policy will not cover this peril, this coverage can save you from costly bills to restore your loss.
  • Water backup coverage is a great policy that provides unique protection for our clients. Protect your home against sewer and water backup for as little as $50 per year. You’ll receive $5,000 in protection should you suffer a loss related to backup with your sewer pipes or drains.

If you have concerns regarding gaps in your coverage, speak with one of our agents to best understand your options and which policy add-ons will keep your specific needs covered!

Common Questions About Home Insurance in Converse, Texas 


Are appliances covered under homeowners insurance?


Yes, appliances are considered personal property and are protected from the same-named perils in your policy as your home and other possessions.


What is a homeowners insurance quote?


Your home insurance quote is an accurate estimate of how much you’ll pay for your home insurance coverage. Quotes are calculated by insurance brands determining how much risk you pose as a client. The more risk you have, the higher your quote is likely to be and vice versa.


Can you change homeowners insurance at any time?


Yes, though you may incur penalties for leaving a company before the end of your policy’s term. Speak with a TGS Insurance agent to better navigate a change in policies to avoid such fees and save money.


Trust The Experts at TGS Insurance for Your Home Insurance Needs 

As one of the fastest-growing insurance agencies in Texas, TGS Insurance is proud to cover billions of assets and thousands of homes for our clients. We approach insurance differently and believe that your time is valuable. Every homeowner is looking for the same thing, the best policy for their needs at the lowest price available. That is exactly what we deliver to clients every day!


By comparison shopping each policy we write across our bank of 35+ A-rated carriers, we can find the best home insurance policy for your specific needs. Here at TGS Insurance, we work hard to provide our clients with the best customer service in the industry starting with enrollment and going well beyond through every aspect of your insurance journey. We provide peace of mind by taking care of all the heavy lifting for you. From providing you with every discount including bundling and security discounts, we make sure you pay the lowest rate for your home insurance policy. Your TGS Insurance agent will also monitor your policy and re-shop for your coverage should you face a rate increase to ensure that you receive the coverage you need for the lowest price available year after year!


We don’t like to brag, so, we’ll let our reviews from real, authentic customers do it for us. We’re rated 4.8 out of 5 stars with over 1,600 reviews on TrustPilot and hold a 4.5 out of 5 stars rating from more than 215 reviews on Google.

Home Insurance Carriers in Converse, TX

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TGS Insurance is Converse's Premier Home Insurance Provider

Converse neighborhood

Converse, TX is a city that is located northeast of downtown San Antonio, TX off of FM 1976. Various shops, churches, and restaurants can be found throughout the city. Residents can enjoy a variety of recreational activities at one of the many parks in the city including Northampton Park, Converse City Park, and Converse North Park. TGS Insurance is a top home insurance provider for homeowners living in the city. We help homeowners in Converse, TX find the best home insurance coverage for their needs at the best price on the market.

Converse neighborhood

TGS Insurance is here to help homeowners find the best policy for their home insurance. We are an independent insurance provider serving homes throughout Texas. Homeowners living in Converse, TX are all searching for one thing- the best home insurance coverage for their homes at the lowest price possible. TGS Insurance wins business in Converse, TX every day because of our commitment to excellent customer service and our strong relationships with 35+ top-rated insurance brands.

Key Home Statistics in Converse


Total Population in Converse, TX


Average Home Value in Converse, TX


Median Household Income in Converse, TX


Median Age in Converse, TX

Trust TGS Insurance in Converse

Data as of June 13, 2024



$10.1 B

Total Assets Covered Projected


Total Homes Insured


Total Vehicles Insured

Major Neighborhoods in Converse, TX

Image of Knox Ridge Neighborhood

Knox Ridge

Knox Ridge is a quiet, family-friendly neighborhood located south of downtown Converse, TX. Residents can enjoy the best of suburban living with many parks featuring recreational activities all around, closer shops and restaurants within town, and close proximity to downtown San Antonio, TX.

Image of Miramar Neighborhood


Miramar is a wonderful neighborhood with a strong sense of community. Located east of downtown east Converse, TX, residents can enjoy local parks, playgrounds, shops, and eateries all close by. There is even an outstanding community clubhouse for social events.

Image of Cimarron Trails Neighborhood

Cimarron Trails

Cimarron Trails is northwest of downtown Converse, TX. Woodcrest Park is close by for recreational fun as are a variety of shops and restaurants. Residents enjoy the quiet atmosphere of the neighborhood with a family-friendly feel that is perfect for suburban living.

Image of Notting Hill Neighborhood

Notting Hill

Notting Hill is a lovely subdivision filled with contemporary suburban homes found south of downtown Converse, Texas. Residents are near I-10 and can reach all of the larger city amenities in San Antonio with ease.

Image of Bridgehaven Neighborhood


Bridgehaven is a suburb nestled on the southside of Converse, TX. Here, residents can enjoy a suburban, family-friendly lifestyle with proximity to the Converse Elementary School as well as local shops and eateries.

Image of Paloma Neighborhood


Paloma is a neighborhood offering residents in south Converse, Texas, beautiful homes and yards with recreational hubs perfect for you and your neighbors, including Paloma Park. I-10 is also near making for an easy commute.

Local Home Resources in Converse, TX

Police Departments
Converse City - Police Department405 S Seguin Rd
Converse, TX 78109
(210) 658-0898
Converse Police Dept402 S Seguin Rd
Converse, TX 78109
Converse Police DeptPO Box 36
Converse, TX 78109-0036
Converse Police Dept402 S Seguin Rd
Converse, TX 78109-2100