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Texas Flood Insurance

Here in the Lone Star State from beautiful landscapes of Hill Country to the hustle and bustle of Houston to the sun-kissed beaches of the Gulf Coast and beyond, protecting yourself from flooding is imperative. As flooding becomes more frequent, Texans must protect themselves against the devastation these events can bring. TGS Insurance offers flood policies to be there for you during some of the darkest times you will experience to help you rebuild with a helping hand when life knocks you down.

What Does Flood Insurance Cover?

Flood insurance can help you when flooding occurs from outside of your home. This means that if your home is a victim of flooding due to a levee breach, an overflowing river, or the torrential downpour from a hurricane, you can make a claim using your flood insurance policy to help restore the things you work hard to protect.

Flood insurance does not cover flooding as a result of a busted pipe, overflowing fixture, or water damage as a result of a pool or other personal property involving water.

When seeking flood insurance coverage, there are two main forms of coverage consumers should be aware of building coverage and contents coverage. Take a closer look at the two below:

Building Coverage helps you rebuild the physical aspects of your home’s structure in the event of a flood. Common items covered include:

  • Systems for your home such as your A/C unit, appliances built into your home, electrical, furnaces, plumbing, water heaters, etc.
  • Installed fixtures including your home’s bookcases, cabinets, carpet, or walls.
  • Your home’s support structures such as your foundation and others that are permanently installed.
  • You can cover a detached garage for up to 10% of your policy.
  • Fuel tanks, solar equipment, wells, and window blinds are also covered by your policy.

Contents Coverage is there for you to help replace the things inside your home when you are rebuilding from a flood event. Policies commonly include:

  • Personal belongings like clothes, electronics, furniture, and your other possessions.
  • Important devices such as washers and dryers, microwave ovens, portable A/Cs, and window A/C units.
  • Sections of carpet that is not considered to be a permanently installed fixture.
  • Specific valuables such as art with a value of up to $2,500.

Both coverage types work to keep your home and your valuables protected against flood events. Together, they help fill in the gaps other policies such as homeowners insurance may miss when facing devastation.

What is the Average Cost of Flood Insurance in Texas? 

The cost of your flood insurance policy will be determined upon a variety of factors including the size of your home, the value of the possessions you wish to insure, the location of your home concerning flood zones, your credit score, and more. With TGS Insurance, we work to provide a customized, personal quote based on the factors that make your home unique to help save you money without missing out on the coverage you need. Through our extensive network of top-rated insurance companies, the average TGS Insurance policyholder can spend anywhere between $400 to over $1000 each year protecting against floods, but the amount can fluctuate depending on where you live. However, the Texas average is almost $700 a year.

Is Flood Insurance Required in Texas?

While flood insurance may be optional for many homes, others may need flood insurance as a requirement by law should your home be located in a high-risk area or backed by a federal loan. Even in homes that are not required by law to have flood insurance, considering more than 20% of the claims filed for flood insurance, according to FEMA, come from homes outside of high-risk flood areas, protecting yourself with the right flood insurance coverage is a wise decision that can gain you $250,000 of protection for your dwelling and $100,000 of protection for your contents.

How to Buy Flood Insurance

Finding the right flood insurance coverage for your home is only a few clicks away. With TGS Insurance, you can get a free online quote from the comfort of your home. We work with a variety of top-rated insurance providers to build a quote that is personalized to your needs and keeps you covered for the lowest price possible. You can even bundle your flood policy with home and auto for additional savings. Keep your head above water with our friendly team of experts, here, at TGS Insurance.

Flood Insurance FAQs

Can Renters Get Flood Insurance?

Yes, if you are a renter you can purchase flood insurance which is encouraged to protect against damages. More than one-fourth of all flood insurance claims come from low-risk areas and many renters insurance policies won’t cover flood damage.

How Many People in Texas Have Flood Insurance?

There are more than 660,000 flood insurance policies written throughout the state of Texas. In recent years, Texans have seen their fair share of flood events from Hill Country to the coast of the Gulf of Mexico.