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Texas RV Insurance

RV owners know that there is no better way to stay in touch with nature while seeing all that this great country has to offer than a trip in the RV. Your home away from home combines luxury with adventure and wonder as you travel. Having the right Texas RV insurance coverage protects you as you hit the road.

RV Insurance Coverage Options

You’ll need auto insurance to operate your RV in any state, however, by protecting yourself with a separate RV insurance policy helps fill gaps in your coverage you may otherwise find when relying on auto insurance alone. There are 5 RV insurance coverages every owner should be aware of:

Companion Auto: A policy that is built to protect your RV and any vehicle that accompanies it in the event of an accident during travel. This policy combines both into a single deductible. Great for campers who are pulled by a vehicle or RV’s who tow a car behind them.

Fulltimer’s Personal Liability: Coverage that helps protect you should you or someone else become injured in your RV or near it while traveling. Injuries can add up and the cost of healthcare seems to only be rising. This coverage helps protect against costly medical expenses should an injury occur.

Personal Attachments Coverage: Some policies may protect your RV, additional vehicles while traveling, or various parties, but what about the things you attach to your RV making your RV feel like home? Personal attachments coverage helps protect against damage to things such as your awning or satellite dish.

Total Loss Replacement: Even if you can afford to outright replace your RV in the event of a catastrophic loss, you shouldn’t have to. During some of the darkest times an RV owner can have, this coverage helps owners cover the costs of purchasing a new RV should your current RV become destroyed.

Secured Storage: Keeping your RV in storage helps keep it in the best possible condition you can all year long, but how will you protect it against theft or damage while it’s away at a storage facility? Secured storage provides a safety net should you become a victim while storing your RV.

Is RV Insurance Required in Texas?

Yes, to legally operate a recreational vehicle, an owner must obtain liability coverage for their RV that meets the minimum requirement for reliability if the vehicle is capable of being driven on its own. For other classes of RVs, RV insurance is not legally mandated.

How Much is RV Insurance in Texas?

The average Texan pays about $1,400 per year in premiums for RV Insurance. However, like most insurance policies, RV insurance premiums vary widely, in part because RVs themselves are extensive in variety. From towables to decked-out class A diesel motorhomes, the cost of an RV can range from $10,000 to hundreds of thousands of dollars and beyond.

The cost of your RV insurance is dependent not only on your type of RV but also on several independent factors.

Factors That Affect RV Insurance Rates

Classes are just the beginning when it comes to variables in your RV insurance premiums including what kind of RV you own, its usage, the coverage options you choose, how you bundle your insurance policies together, your driving record, and many other factors.

Get Me the Best RV Insurance Rates in Texas!

If you’re looking for the best RV insurance rates in Texas, TGS Insurance has you covered. Assisting customers for decades, we know what it takes to help policyholders save on their monthly premiums while protecting their recreational vehicles and themselves. We partner with many top-rated insurance providers and work diligently to be a resource to all of our clients.

RV Insurance FAQs:

Does RV Insurance Cover Water Damage?

Comprehensive RV insurance policies can protect your RV from water damage, but exclusions may apply. Each policy is different but defects, water leaks, and wear and tear are usually not covered. Speak with your agent to discuss what is and isn’t covered before signing up.

Does RV Insurance Cover Awning Damage?

Your RV’s awning can be covered, along with other items, through a personal attachments policy. This coverage extends beyond your actual RV to attached fixtures such as an awning and helps mitigate the costs of repairs when they are damaged.