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TGS Insurance’s Guide to Full-time RVing

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RVing is a passion like no other. It is a great way to meet new people, discover new places, reconnect with nature, and embark on the adventure of a lifetime. With full-time RVing, the adventure never has to end. If you find yourself among the one million RV owners turning their vacation into a lifestyle, there are some considerations you’ll want to take to get the most out of your new way of life. Pack your bags and gain your freedom with this guide to full-time RVing.

Budget, Map, and Plan Your Trip

The good news is if you’re reading this article, you’re already taking one of the most important steps for your full-time RV journey. It can be easy to say you’re planning and to pick a destination or two and embark on your dream vacation, but RVing of any sort requires planning of many sorts, with full-time RVers having even more to consider. 


RVing will cost money. What doesn’t, right? You will need to plan how you will fund your trip, supplies, repairs, and miscellaneous other things that pop up along the way. If you are retired, you may want to consider staying at more permanent campsites rather than moving from place to place as you can save on campsite rates and fuel costs. Even RV owners working from the road will have to consider the various costs it will take to maintain their lifestyle. Budgeting responsibly will help you get the most out of your RV and prepare for the obstacles that may come your way.


Knowing where you will go is much more than an idea and a GPS. When you’re in an RV, it is important to understand where you’re going, when you plan to be there, and how you will navigate to your desired location. If you rush from destination to destination, you risk fatigue, unsafe driving conditions, and missing out on enjoying the locations you visit. Road-tripping throughout the United States is a big undertaking. The country is huge and, beyond its size, diverse. There are a variety of environments to consider that may change with the seasons. Prepare manageable routes that won’t exhaust you on the road, and know the conditions to expect when traveling to a region during various times of the year.


This is probably the broadest, most obvious category, especially because each owner’s lifestyle will consist of different variables, needs, costs, etc.; however, that doesn’t make it any less important to emphasize. Knowing how you will get from point A to point B is important. Understanding how you will balance your work life with RVing is important. Having a way to communicate, especially when traveling to remote areas, making a plan for emergencies, having rainy day funds, etc., etc. They are all important areas to audit and prepare for when RVing full-time. Planning today will help you stay prepared for tomorrow, so analyze how you will be spending your time in your RV and create actionable plans around those activities.

Travel According to Your Lifestyle

A great way to enhance your RV experience is to travel according to your interests. It can be tempting to spend the Spring in Colorado, but if the beach is more your scene you may be more at home in California to avoid lingering snowstorms. If you are an avid hiker, finding a state park may be a better route than staying at a family-style campground or resort. RVing is vast and many activities can be associated with the lifestyle, combining the two is the best way to enjoy your travels.

There are other considerations beyond recreation to consider when RVing. Working owners will want to consider where they travel and the accommodations they may need to successfully fulfill their work duties. If you are working and rely heavily on the Internet, satellite Internet connection becomes less of a want and more of a necessity If you are still working, make sure you can accommodate your work life through proper communication channels and access to the supplies you may need to complete your tasks. 

Take Your Time to See it All

The temptation to rush off and see as much of the country as you can as quickly as you can is real, but you must resist. Besides it being dangerous to drive a large vehicle at high speeds with a lack of rest, you should enjoy your stay. Many campsites have weekly rates that can save you money and allow you to relax and enjoy the destination. RVing is not just about the destination but it is difficult to also enjoy the trip if you are exhausted and rushed. Navigate safely and take in all that your trips have to offer by pacing yourself as you enjoy America the Beautiful.

TGS Insurance Helps Protect Full-time RVers

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