What is the Penalty for Driving Without Insurance in Texas?

Being pulled over is just one of several penalties for driving without insurance in Texas

Driving without insurance in Texas can cost drivers dearly. You’ll receive a fine between $175-$350 and also a penalty of $250 a year for the next 3 years on your annual driver’s license fee. If you are a repeat offender expect those fines to increase to the $350-$1,000 range.

Aside from the thousands of dollars you may end up spending on fines and additional charges, repeat offenders may have their licenses revoked altogether with the additional possibility of having their car impounded. Reinstating your license can be a long and costly endeavor that will require an SR-22 form stating you have the state legal insurance requirements as part of your proof of insurance. That doesn’t even take into consideration the potential increases in your monthly premiums that will come as a result. The best solution is to stay legal and find the right Texas auto insurance policy that fits your budget. Contacting the right insurance agency, like TGS Insurance can help you save money and legal issues for years to come.

Is Driving Without Insurance a Misdemeanor in Texas?

Yes, driving without insurance is a misdemeanor in the state of Texas, but you will not be arrested. While you may not face jail time, the previously mentioned fines, fees, and hassles are more than enough incentive to remain within the legal requirements of the road.

What Happens if I’m in a Wreck Without Insurance in Texas?

You will receive a ticket, have your car towed if someone with insurance cannot drive it away from the scene, and you could have your vehicle impounded. The biggest issue, however, comes from the fact that you will be financially responsible for any damages suffered by other parties.

This means that on top of paying for your damages and additional fees and fines as a result of the accident, you will be held responsible for any medical costs and property damage costs of other parties involved. Passengers, pedestrians, and other motorists can take you to court should you be unable to pay which only adds to the costs you will be held responsible for due to an increase from legal fees.

Save Money and Hassle on Your Car Insurance

Between the fees, fines, and potential liability, not having auto insurance can be a costly mistake. With the average driver getting into an accident every 18 years, it’s not a matter of if but when you’ll be involved in a wreck. The average Texan pays under $600 a year for minimal coverage which can save thousands of dollars in the long run. TGS Insurance helps motorists stay covered for less money so that you can hit the road with peace of mind. Contact us and learn how you can stay covered, bundle your policy with others for more savings, and protect yourself and your auto today.

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