Texas Condo Insurance

Condominium owners have unique needs for their residential policies, and two distinct policies are often required.

Coverage can be much more complex for this type of real estate, requiring lots of research. Luckily, we are well-equipped to determine your perfect insurance whether you own a condominium or co-op!

TGS Insurance Agency works hard to find you affordable premiums and any discounts available with nationwide insurers. Why pay more for coverage that may not be necessary?

If you…

  • Have a master policy from the condo association or board –
    you’re typically only responsible for insuring home improvements to the original structures.
  • Own a unit already insured by the condo association or board –
    your insurance responsibility depends on what is covered by the association. Some only cover original foundational structures while you must insure the plumbing, wiring, previous/current alterations, & more!
  • Have your own insurance policy for a condominium or co-op –
    make it cover your personal items, any structural improvements, liability protection, and disasters or theft.
  • Need additional coverage for your condominium or co-op –
    TGS Insurance Agency can determine whether you need add-on coverages like:

    • Unit assessment to reimburse charges for your share of an assessment (like a lobby or elevator)
    • Water back-up for septic system damage
    • Umbrella liability for wider, less expensive coverage than the basics
    • Flood or earthquake
    • Personal Articles Floater coverage for expensive items