5 RV Insurance Coverage Options Every Owner Should Consider

5 RV Insurance Coverage Options Every Owner Should Consider

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The open road is one with nature, countless memories, and true relaxation. RVing is a lifestyle unlike any other. Seeing the great outdoors and some of America’s quirkiest landmarks is great, but are you protected should you or your RV suffer from an unfortunate event such as an accident, theft, or injury? Auto insurance is great, but if you rely on it alone, you may find yourself pulling cash out of your pocket when you need protection the most. RV insurance can provide the necessary coverages to give you peace of mind and be there when facing adversity involving your RV. Every provider and policy is different, but there are five important RV insurance coverage options that we recommend all RV owners consider. Take a closer look below and help protect yourself, your loved ones, and your property with the right RV policy.

Secured Storage 

RVs require storage in one way or another. They are large, and to get the most out of your RV’s life, you’ll want to have it in a secure location, protected from the weather. Some HOAs require special storage as your neighborhood may disallow RVs to be parked in plain sight. Protect your RV and your possessions while it is in storage from theft with a secured storage policy. Should your RV become burglarized while in storage, your secured storage policy will help you pay to replace your valuables.

Companion Auto

If you own a motorhome, it is a pretty common occurrence to tow a personal vehicle behind it. After all, you may need to venture from your campsite once you arrive at your destination. With companion auto coverage, your RV and vehicle can be protected with this policy by paying the same deductible. This protects both should they both become damaged as a result of the same traffic accident.

Personal Attachments Coverage

It’s one thing to suffer a loss on the body of your RV but what about attachments and upgrades? With personal attachment coverage, you can protect yourself against the costs of replacing damages that are suffered to things like your satellite antenna or an awning.

Fulltimer’s Personal Liability 

Protecting your RV and possessions is important, but protecting yourself or a loved one is even more important. Fulltimer’s personal liability coverage is meant to protect you, or someone else that is injured should someone become injured when traveling in your RV.

Total Loss Replacement

Some events are so perilous that your entire RV may need to be replaced. As unfortunate as that may be, you don’t have to face it alone. With total loss replacement coverage, your insurance policy will help you replace your current RV with a new one.

Get The Right RV Coverage Today

Finding the right RV insurance doesn’t have to be a hassle. If you want to keep the people and things you love protected, choosing the right RV insurance coverage options is critical. At TGS Insurance, we make getting coverage easy by constructing a customized quote for your needs. Our agents handle the dirty work to ensure you are covered without overpaying. We even bundle your insurance policies for additional savings through our partnerships with the top insurance brands in the country.