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How Much is Damon Home Insurance?


The average cost for homeowners insurance in Damon, TX is $1,596 per year among TGS Insurance Agency customers. While every policy is different and contingent on several factors, we have been able to consistently save our customers money on their home insurance by automatically shop over 35+ A-rated (or better) home insurance carriers. Our Texas customers save an average of $870 each year on homeowners insurance. Don’t wait to see how much you could be saving when you shop with TGS Insurance!


Comparing The Cost of Damon Home Insurance By Home Value

Home value is just one of many factors that influences your home insurance premium. Below is a breakdown of the average home insurance quotes from TGS Insurance Agency in Damon, TX by home value. Below, home values are rounded to the nearest $25,000 so $100,000 includes homes in the $75,000 to $125,000 range.

Home ValueAverage Annual Premium (incl. Wind Coverage)


How Are Home Insurance Premiums Determined?


Homeowners insurance is there to be a safety net to help protect you financially for your home and personal belongings should disaster strike. Your homeowners insurance premium is calculated by a few factors but it mostly comes down to how much risk the insurer is taking on by insuring your home. So if you live in an area that’s prone to flooding or has a high crime rate, you should expect to pay a bit more. Let’s review some of the other things insurers look into when calculating your premium. 



First and foremost, the insurer looks at where your home is located. Are you living near the coast? Out in the country? Location is crucial when determining your rate. 


Size, Condition, Materials, and Age of Your Home

The square footage, condition of your home, the materials it was built out of, and the age can all affect the price of your home insurance policy. Sometimes insurance providers prefer older homes to have modernized plumbing, heating, and wiring before insuring it because older homes tend to be more of a risk to insure. However, if you don’t have either not to worry, you can still get insured, though you may pay a bit more. If you live in a newer home then you might be eligible for insurance discounts.


The Amount of Coverage

Depending on how much coverage you are seeking will impact the price of your homeowners premium. Usually, the more coverage you want the more you have to pay, but at TGS Insurance we will work to find you the most coverage for a great rate so you don’t have to compromise protection.


How You Can Lower Your Premium

  • Installing Home Protection- Having a security system, motion-sensor lights, and surveillance cameras can help decrease your premium rates.
  • Credit Score- If you have a high credit score some insurance providers will offer you a discount on your premium.
  • Deductible Amount- If you have a higher deductible can lower your premium rates up to 25%.


Popular Add-On Home Coverages in Damon:


Flood Insurance: It’s a common misconception that homeowners insurance covers water damage due to a flood and that is simply not the case. To protect your home and belongings from a flood, you need to have flood insurance. The average policy can cost around $634 per year but varies depending on where you live. We can help to provide you with a great policy at a low rate because we shop with both government and private insurers.


Windstorm and Hail Coverage: The standard homeowners insurance policy will protect your home from hail and windstorm damage, but it has limits, or some insurers will write off wind protection altogether. Since Damon, TX is near the Gulf Coast, insurance providers might not include windstorm protection in their homeowners insurance policy and homeowners are forced to buy a separate policy. At TGS Insurance, we want to make getting insured simple, which is why we automatically write in a 2% wind/hail deductible into every Damon, TX homeowners insurance policy we issue!


Water Backup: Water backup coverage offers protection should your home experience water damage due to a broken sump pump, backed-up drain, or a sewer backup- all of which isn’t usually covered by your standard homeowners insurance policy. This add-on can cost anywhere between $50-$250 per year with coverage starting at $5,000.


Common Home Insurance Questions from Our Customers in Damon


Does it cost more to insure a rental property?

Yes, it does cost more to insure a rental property. Homeowners insurance is about 15% to 20% less than renters insurance. This is because landlords who rent out their property take on a bigger risk when letting someone else live in their property.

How much will a security system lower my homeowners insurance?

Installing a security system in your home can lower your homeowners insurance policy by about 20% but varies by provider. Because premiums are calculated by risk, installing an extra layer of security reduces your need to file a claim, therefore can shave some dollars off your premium

Do you pay home insurance monthly or yearly?

Most homeowners pay their insurance premiums in one yearly payment, however, some insurance carriers will allow policyholders to pay monthly. Some carriers will provide discounts for those who pay in one full payment. 


Our Featured Agents Are Ready to Help You With Your Damon, TX Homeowners Insurance:


TGS Insurance is your one-stop-shop for all of your insurance needs. Our team will shop your homeowners insurance policy across our bank of 35+ carriers to find you the best policy at the best rate. And we don’t just stop at a great quote, we’ll handle everything from enrollment to getting payment setup- getting insured has never been easier!

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Damon Zip Codes We Insure:

  • 77430

Don’t see your zip code listed? Not a problem! We are able to help any homeowner across Texas save on their home insurance!

Home Insurance Carriers in Damon, TX

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TGS Insurance is Damon's Premier Home Insurance Provider

Damon neighborhood

Damon, Texas was established in 1831 and is located in Brazoria County. The community has a small-town setting but is not far from the Sugarland and Missouri City area. TGS Insurance is proud to be one of Damon’s leading home insurance providers.

Damon neighborhood

TGS Insurance provides home insurance in Damon from dozens of different carriers. Damon customers all want the same thing - the best home insurance policy at the lowest price. As an independent company with thousands of customers, 35+ carriers and amazing customer service, we win business from Damon residents every single day.

Key Home Statistics in Damon


Total Population in Damon, TX


Average Home Value in Damon, TX


Median Household Income in Damon, TX


Median Age in Damon, TX

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Major Neighborhoods in Damon, TX

Image of Thos Allsberry Neighborhood

Thos Allsberry

Thos Allsberry is tucked away on Cow Creek Road. The neighborhood is nestled in a rural area and is near the Brazos River and Brazos Bend State Park.

Image of Pecan Bend Neighborhood

Pecan Bend

Pecan Bend is nestled right next to Brazos Bend State Park. Near the area is Woodrow Station Fire Department, George Observatory, and Elm Lake.

Image of Wiley Martin Neighborhood

Wiley Martin

Wiley Martin is a secluded neighborhood that displays warming and inviting homes. This area has a small-town country feel but is a few minutes away from city attractions.

Image of Oak Forest Acres  Neighborhood

Oak Forest Acres

Oak Forest Acres is located off of to Rycade School Road and Kincer Road. This area is very secluded and provides a rural environment for its residents.

Image of Satterwhite Duffy Lake  Neighborhood

Satterwhite Duffy Lake

Satterwhite Duffy Lake is located right off the coast of Mann Lake. Near the area is Divine Gardens Nursery and Brazos River Club.

Image of Pecan Bend South Neighborhood

Pecan Bend South

Pecan Bend South is located off of Cow Creek Road. The neighborhood is secluded and provides a rural and rustic ambiance for its residents.

Local Home Resources in Damon, TX

Fire Departments
Damon City of Fire Department3523 CR-264A
Damon, TX 77430
(979) 742-3535