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How Much Does Home Insurance in Fresno, Texas Cost?

The average cost of home insurance in Fresno, Texas is $1,279 among TGS Insurance customers. This average rate includes windstorm and hail coverage with a 2% deductible and is based on policies with an average home value of $241,513. While every policy is unique and based on several factors, including your home’s value and coverages your choose, we have proudly been able to save our customers across Texas an average of $870 per year on their home insurance premiums when they switch to us. Finding out how much you could be saving is as easy as providing your address above for an instant quote!

Comparing the Average Fresno Home Insurance Cost By Home Value

Below is a comparison of the average home insurance quote from TGS Insurance Agency in Fresno, Texas by home value. Home value is one of many factors that influences your home insurance rate. Below, home values are rounded to the nearest $25,000 so $150,000 includes homes in the $125,000 to $175,000 range, etc.

Home ValueAverage Annual Premium (incl. Wind Coverage)

Calculating Premiums for Home Insurance in Fresno, TX

Your premium is determined by your insurance carrier based on the amount of risk they take on by insuring your property. These risks span across a wide variety of factors and each home is unique. The higher the risk, the higher the premium.

Home insurance carriers look at both the property itself and the area around it. Property-specific factors to determine risk include, but are not limited to, home size, when it was built, and add-ons like swimming pools or a guest house. Insurers also look at regional risk factors such as crime rates, home prices, and the likelihood of a severe weather event or natural disaster in your area will also impact the price of your policy. Homeowners in a flood zone should expect to pay higher insurance premiums than homes outside of a flood zone. Likewise, if you live in an area with high crime rates such as home burglary or vandalism, you may also see a rise in home insurance rates. 

Though insurance companies look at these factors to determine your home’s risk, there are many things homeowners can do to be proactive in keeping their home insurance premiums lower. Examples include installing security systems, motion-sensor lights, and surveillance cameras. Other factors, such as a high credit score, can also help lower your premium. 

Popular Additional Home Coverages in Fresno, TX:

Flood Insurance: Hurricane Harvey taught us all that flooding knows no boundaries. Did you know that up to 25% of flood claims come from homes outside of a flood zone? Flood insurance can help your home in Fresno, TX stay prepared and rebuild during one of the most catastrophic events a homeowner can endure.

Windstorm and Hail Coverage: Whether it be tropical storms and hurricanes from the gulf or severe thunderstorms passing through, protecting your home in Fresno, TX from wind and hail events is a must. Avoid paying out of pocket for costly repairs with windstorm and hail coverage from TGS Insurance. We automatically include a 2% wind/hail deductible in every policy we write so you can have peace-of-mind knowing we’re putting your best interests first! 

Water Backup: Damage sustained from backed-up drainage or sewerage back-up is as gross as it is expensive and your homeowners insurance may leave you with gaps and ultimately, with the bill. TGS Insurance can add protection for up to $5,000 in damages to protect you from this peril.

Advantages of Securing Fresno Home Insurance with TGS Insurance:


  • Not only does TGS Insurance help our clients save money, we do so by providing plenty of options for coverage. This means better availability for coverage and the ability to comparison shop between brands for the best options at the lowest cost.
  • Sit back and relax. TGS Insurance takes care of everything from beginning to end and can even work with your mortgage company to make sure every detail is ironed out and that your home stays covered.
  • Here at TGS Insurance, you are more than just a policy number. Your agent will provide personal care year after year to determine which policies keep you covered for less. This means you never have to worry about overpaying or rate increases ever again!

Zip Codes in Fresno, TX That We Insure:

Don’t see your zip code listed? Don’t worry, as long as it’s in Texas, we’ve got you covered!

  • 77545


4 Fun Facts About Texas:


  • Dr. Pepper was invented in Texas in 1885.
  • Texas is larger than any other country in Europe!
  • Texas is home to North America’s largest bat colony.
  • We don’t know who designed the Texas flag. The early design was drawn by Dr. Charles B. Steward but the origin of the design is unknown!

Home Insurance Carriers in Fresno, TX

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TGS Insurance is Fresno's Premier Home Insurance Provider

Fresno neighborhood

Fresno, Texas was established in 1824 and is located in Fort Bend County. The city was once encompassed in cotton fields and now provides a rural atmosphere for its 19,000 residents. TGS Insurance Agency is proud to serve Fresno residents as one of its most popular home insurance providers.

Fresno neighborhood

TGS Insurance works with top-rated carriers and only offers the best home insurance policy at a great rate to Fresno residents. As an independent agency with thousands of customers, 35+ carriers and exceptional customer service- we win business from Fresno residents every day.

Key Home Statistics in Fresno


Total Population in Fresno, TX


Average Home Value in Fresno, TX


Median Household Income in Fresno, TX


Median Age in Fresno, TX

Trust TGS Insurance in Fresno

Data as of June 13, 2024



$10.1 B

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Major Neighborhoods in Fresno, TX

Image of Creekmont Neighborhood


Creekmont is off of Fort Bend Parkway and Highway 6. It neighbors Hightower High School, Kitty Hollow Park, various eateries and grocery stores.

Image of Cambridge Falls Neighborhood

Cambridge Falls

Cambridge Falls resides off of Trammel-Fresno Road. It is located near Rosa Parks Elementary School, as well as a variety of churches and local restaurants.

Image of Teal Run Neighborhood

Teal Run

Teal Run resides along Highway 6. It is conveniently close to Kitty Hollow Park, Herman Hospital Lake, along with a variety of grocery stores and restaurants.

Image of Magnolia Place Neighborhood

Magnolia Place

Magnolia Place runs along FM 521. The neighborhood is near La Costa Soccer League, Arcadia Bay Playground and Biscayne Bay Recreation Center.

Image of Fresno Gardens Neighborhood

Fresno Gardens

Fresno Gardens resides along FM 521. It is located near Houston Southwest Airport, Mustang Park, Adorn Banquet Hall as well as various local businesses.

Image of Andover Farms  Neighborhood

Andover Farms

Andover Farms is adjacent to Highway 6 and South Post Oaks Blvd. The community neighbors Burton Elementary School, Houston Southwest Airport and Mustang Park.