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When it Comes to High Island Home Insurance, Texas property Owners Can Count on TGS Insurance Agency for Personalized Coverage and Care.


A basic homeowners insurance policy will cover the following:

  • Your home’s structure
  • Replacement costs
  • Personal possessions (up to a set limit)
  • Living expenses in the event of a disaster (ex: fire)
  • Liability against medical injuries on your property

Supplemental policies can be purchased to add to your home insurance suite such as:

  • Valuable Articles/Floater policies (i.e. Jewelry Insurance)
  • Flood policies
  • Windstorm/hail coverage
  • Umbrella policies (additional liability)
  • Animal Liability (liability issues due to household pets)


High Island, TX Home Ownership Costs


    • Medium Home Value (with a mortgage)1: $104,700
    • Median Household Income1: $63,611

In High Island, TX, home insurance premiums average around $1,650 annually, which is under the national average of $2,305 per year. TGS Insurance saves customers in High Island, TX average of $870, with some homeowners earning much more substantial savings

If you’re a new homeowner, or simply want to evaluate your current home insurance policy, an insurance expert can help you find the right policy for your home.


Additional Coverages for Your High Island, TX Home Insurance Policy 


Flood Insurance is a must if you live in High Island, TX. We help our clients stay protected for less against one of the biggest threats to their homes in such a coastal region.


The TGS Difference: We work with our clients to shop through both private and government-issued flood insurance policies to find the best rate with the best coverage for your home.


Mortgage Life Insurance will pay for the remaining balance of your mortgage in-full should your spouse die unexpectedly. This is a very useful financial safety net during dark times for families.


The TGS Difference:  A somewhat rare coverage option, our clients have access to unique financial protection for an average of only $30 a month.


Windstorms and Hail Coverage protects against windstorm and hail damage found in weather events such as severe thunderstorms, tropical storms, and hurricanes. High Island, TX is especially susceptible to windstorms of varying types. This coverage add-on is highly recommended to coastal residents.


The TGS Difference: We understand the importance of this type of protection and add windstorm protection into our home insurance policies automatically with a 2% deductible. TGS Insurance can customize your policy easily depending on your coverage preferences.

The TGS Insurance Advantage for Your Home Insurance Needs:


  • There are many advantages to choosing TGS Insurance as your insurance provider, but the biggest is the fact that you will save money without sacrificing coverage. Our agents comparison shop for you to find the best coverage for the lowest price in the market for your home.


  • As important as it is to find the lowest rate for your home insurance, it is also important to be sure that you won’t suffer costly premium increases. While home insurance rates continue to climb, TGS Insurance’s clients have agents that will work to find the same coverage you enjoy today for the lowest price all over again, year after year.


  • When it comes to your home insurance, you want to be sure that things are done correctly and that there are no lapses in coverage. TGS Insurance takes care of everything for your enrollment process from beginning to end and will even work with your mortgage company to ensure a smooth process throughout.


Common Home Insurance Questions from Our Customers in High Island:


Are homeowners insurance rates going home?

Rates continue to climb due to a variety of factors including construction cost increases and the number of claims we have seen from violent storms. It is important to protect yourself with a home insurance policy as soon as possible to avoid more expensive rates down the road.


Will homeowners insurance cover water damage?

Some water damage is covered by your homeowners insurance and some is not. An example of water damage that is covered would be rain that has entered a newly damaged roof or water damage from a sudden burst pipe. Flooding from the outside of your home, however, requires a separate flood insurance policy to be covered.

Do you need home insurance if your house is paid off? 

We always recommend that homeowners continue to keep their homes insured even if their house is paid off. The threats to your home and personal possessions do not leave once you are finished paying for your home and the last thing anyone would want is to have to repeat that process or pay for substantial repairs without financial assistance. Your home insurance is there to protect you even if you don’t owe on your home.


Our Local, Independent Insurance Agents Are Ready to Help You With Your High Island, TX Homeowners Insurance:


The agents at TGS Insurance are proud to serve High Island, TX, homeowners. Using our established relationship with more than 35 top-rated insurance carriers and our commitment to world-class service, our expert team is ready to help you stay protected without overpaying.


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TGS Insurance is High Island's Premier Home Insurance Provider

High Island neighborhood

High Island was established in 1845 and is located in Galveston. The area is sometimes referred to as the “salt dome” because it’s one of the highest cities above sea level. The community is nestled around marsh, beaches, seclusion and nature's beauty. TGS Insurance is one of High Island’s most popular agencies for home insurance.

High Island neighborhood

TGS Insurance provides home insurance in High Island from dozens of different carriers. High Island customers all want the same thing - the best home insurance policy at the lowest price. As an independent company with thousands of customers, 35+ carriers and amazing customer service, we win business from High Island residents every single day.

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