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The Cost of Lufkin, TX Homeowners Insurance 

Homeowners insurance is tailored to you and your home’s specifications. It is likely to be different from anyone else’s because it’s unique to you and your needs. That being said, let’s look at average annual home insurance premiums:

  • National average1: $2,305
  • Texas average1: $3,429
  • Lufkin, TX average: $1,604

*The average TGS Insurance customer saves $870 a year on their home insurance!

While your home insurance rates can differ from the averages, comparing is important. These benchmarks allow you to paint an accurate picture as to where your home premiums are in your neighborhood and if there are factors that go into crafting your quote you are capable of changing. Every carrier looks at specific criteria when determining your insurance cost. Some elements are outside of your control, while others you can influence. Let’s look at what the carrier rating factors include:

  • Weather events that your home might be exposed to based on location
  • Which coverages you enroll in to protect your home
  • The crime rate surrounding your home
  • The frequency of your claims (claims history)
  • The year, construction type, and the size of your home (also its contents)
  • Offered discounts for your home
  • Your credit score (the higher the score, the lower your rate)

Our independent agents can narrow down your home coverage search in an instant! TGS Insurance prides itself on providing accurate, fast quotes and can do so by running these quotes through 35+ top-rated carriers at the same time. Not only does this ensure that you will receive the best coverage at the lowest price, but it allows us to remove all the hassle from your enrollment process. TGS Insurance strives to save you money while delivering unmatched levels of customer service for years to come.

Common Homeowners Insurance Endorsements in Lufkin, TX


Flood Coverage


Home insurance will protect you from many different perils but flooding is not one of them. As many as 1 in 4 flood claims come from homes outside of a flood zone and the devastation floods can bring mean that flood insurance is important for every home. The average flood insurance policy in the state of Texas can cost around $634 per year but can vary depending on your home’s location. TGS Insurance helps homeowners find the right flood insurance policy to protect themselves by shopping through both private and government-issued policies.


Sewer/Water Back-Up Coverage 


Homeowners suffering from sewer or water back-up can find themselves facing a disgusting and costly problem that neither home nor flood insurance will cover. TGS Insurance provides a unique coverage option for such events that can help cover up to $5,000-$25,000+ in damages. The average cost of this policy add-on can range from $50-$250 per year depending on how much coverage you want.


Identity Theft Coverage


Protecting your identity becomes an increasingly important step for protecting your financial standing. While a homeowners insurance policy will help keep you protected against theft, protecting your identity will require additional coverage. As more and more of our sensitive information is available online, thieves have advanced their tactics and the way thefts happen continues to evolve. TGS Insurance clients have access to identity theft coverage options to keep them protected from harmful attacks online and elsewhere that would compromise their identity.


Common Home Insurance Questions from Our Customers in Lufkin


What is a homeowners insurance quote?


A homeowners insurance quote is a look at the amount you will pay every month to protect your home and personal possessions against named perils within your policy. TGS Insurance works hard to provide you with an accurate quote in moments not minutes by shopping through our 35+ top-rated insurance carriers to find the right coverage at the lowest rate for your needs.


Does homeowners cover lost jewelry?


Yes, your homeowners policy will cover lost jewelry, but only to the limit specified within your policy in most cases. This is typically a limit that is around $2,500 and for more expensive pieces and collections, you’ll need to have additional jewelry insurance to stay protected.


Is it a legal requirement to have home insurance in Lufkin, TX?


While it is not a legal requirement to have home insurance coverage for your home your lender may require it as a term and condition of your loan. Furthermore, we here at TGS Insurance always recommend that homeowners have a proper home insurance policy in place. Even if your home is paid off, replacing personal possessions, paying for costly repairs, and protecting yourself from various legal and medical bills are always important things to consider.


Zip Codes in Lufkin, TX That We Insure:

  • 75901
  • 75902
  • 75903
  • 75904
  • 75915

Don’t see your zip code listed? Don’t worry, as long as it’s in Texas, we’ve got you covered!



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Lufkin neighborhood

Lufkin, TX is located in northeast Texas and is a part of Angelina County. The city is filled with a variety of retail and antique shops, restaurants, parks, and more. Lufkin, TX is best known for its Ellen Trout Zoo and Texas Forestry Museum.

Lufkin neighborhood

TGS Insurance works with top-rated providers and only offers the best home insurance policy at a great rate to Lufkin, TX residents. As an independent agency with thousands of customers, 35+ carriers, and exceptional customer service- we win business from Lufkin, TX homeowners every day!

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Local Home Resources in Lufkin, TX

Fire Departments
City Offices Lufkin City - Fire Dept- Service- Police- Patrol Lieute300 E Shepherd Ave
Lufkin, TX 75901
(936) 633-0356
Fuller Springs Volunteer Fire DepartmentHughes Rd
Lufkin, TX 75901
(936) 699-4532
Police Departments
Angelina County Sheriff2311 E Lufkin Ave
Lufkin, TX 75901
Angelina County Sheriff OfcPO Box 114
Lufkin, TX 75915
Lufkin City Chief of PolicePO Box 190
Lufkin, TX 75915
Lufkin City Chief Of PolicePo Box 190
Lufkin, TX 75902
Lufkin Police Department300 E SHEPHERD AVE
LUFKIN, TX 75901-3252