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How Much Does Home Insurance Cost in Richards,TX?


The average cost for homeowners insurance in Richards, TX is about $1,198 each year. The average TGS Insurance customer saves $870 per year on homeowners insurance with some customers saving substantially more! 


How to Calculate Home Insurance Premiums


Each insurance carrier has their own formula of how they’ll determine your home insurance premium, but it really all comes down to risk. How much risk is the insurer willing to take on to insure your home? Though each carrier is different, there are a few things that remain the same when determining your rate, let’s review some of the factors insurers use to calculate your premium. 



This is the #1 thing most insurance carriers look at: where you live. If your home is located in an area that has high crime rates or is prone to natural disasters, then you can expect to pay more. Likewise, if you’re not in a high-risk area you can expect a lower premium. 


The Type of Home You Have

The age, condition, and materials of your home have an impact on how much your premium will be. Brick homes tend to be less than houses made from wood or other easily flammable materials. Insurance providers tend to charge higher rates for older homes (40+) or homes that are poorly maintained. Other things reviewed are the type of plumbing you have, the age of your roof, and even how you heat/cool your home. 


Credit Score

Having a poor credit score will not exclude you from getting insurance on your home, but what most insurance companies do is increase your premiums. If you have a high credit score you may qualify for discounts. 


The Amount of Coverage

How much coverage you are looking for has a meaningful impact on your premium rates. If you have high-priced items like jewelry or artwork your homeowners insurance limit might not be enough to cover those items. To ensure they are protected, you might have to add-on extra coverage.


Deductible Amount

Typically, the lower your deductible, the higher your premium is, but if you have a higher deductible it could lower your rates by 25%.


This short list is just a few of the basic things insurers look at and it’s important to keep in mind every insurer is different! Some may care about square footage, whereas others won’t. 

Understanding Your Home Insurance Policy


Understanding your homeowners insurance policy can be a bit daunting at times and we want to help make it easy. We’ve included a short video below breaking down everything you need to know about reading your policy and how each coverage works to protect you! 


Common Additional Home Coverages in Richards:


Flood Insurance: The average homeowners insurance policy doesn’t protect your home from flood damage, but it will protect your home from rain damage but only to a certain limit. Flood insurance offers financial protection for any damages caused to your home or personal items due to a flood caused by a hurricane, tornado, rainfall, or other named peril. The average cost for flood insurance is $634 per year but can vary depending on where you live.


Windstorm and Hail Coverage: There are two categories of wind damage deductibles: wind/hail storm deductibles and hurricane deductibles. Wind/hail will cover any time of wind damage whereas hurricane deductibles will only cover damage related to a hurricane. In Texas, windstorm deductibles apply to wind and hail damage from tropical storms, tornadoes, and any named storms. The typical homeowners insurance policy will only cover a limited amount of hail and windstorm damage, so if you live in an area that is prone to them adding this type of protection is strongly recommended. At TGS Insurance, we want each of our customers to have the most protection for any type of storm, which is why we include a 2% wind/hail deductible for all of our policies.


Water Backup: Sewage backup is something you don’t want to experience and is definitely not something Richards, TX homeowners want overflowing in their toilets and backing up into their bathtubs, sinks, or even spreading to every area of their home. Unfortunately, this specific type of damage is not included in the standard homeowners insurance policy, and to ensure you are covered, adding water backup insurance is something to consider. Water backup coverage protects your home and personal belongings as well as loss of use coverage, which provides you with a safe and clean place to temporarily live in while your home is being repaired. The average cost of this add-on is $50-$250 per year with coverage starting at $5,000.


Common Home Insurance Questions from Our Customers in Richards


Will homeowners insurance cover tree removal?

Your homeowners insurance usually covers tree removal from named perils such as fire, lightning, falling objects, and from the weight of ice or snow.  So if a tree fell onto your fence or home due to a storm, you’d be covered under your homeowners insurance policy!

Can I buy homeowners insurance online?

Yes, some carriers offer the ability to purchase homeowners insurance online. However, you’ll still likely need to speak with an insurance agent to confirm the details of your policy to ensure everything is correct and as it should be before it’s official. 

How long does it take to get a home insurance quote?

It can take minutes or a few days to get an insurance quote but at TGS Insurance we can get you an insurance quote in seconds. All we need from you is your address or phone number and we can provide you with a quote in 15 seconds or less. 


Our Featured Agents Are Ready to Help You With Your Richards Homeowners Insurance:


TGS Insurance agents are here to help Richards, TX homeowners find the best policy for their home at a great rate!. We work with over 35+ highly-rated insurance companies, which allows us to shop your policy for the best coverage and price every time. Our customer-focused team will walk you through the whole process from start to finish. Have comfort in knowing you are saving money each year without compromising on coverage.

Home Insurance Carriers in Richards, TX

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TGS Insurance is Richards' Premier Home Insurance Provider

Richards neighborhood

Richards, Texas was established in 1907 and is located within Grimes County. The community was once occupied by Anglo-Americans in the early 1800s and is now home to almost 300 residents. Richards is a rural small-town that provides a secluded home for its residents. TGS Insurance is one of the top insurance providers for Richards locals.

Richards neighborhood

TGS Insurance works with top-rated carriers and only offers the best home insurance policy at a great rate to Richards residents. As an independent agency with thousands of customers, 35+ carriers and exceptional customer service- we win business from Richards residents every day.

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