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About Gainsco Insurance

Speed, performance, and the desire to be the best are what GAINSCO Auto Insurance delivers to its customers. Affordable auto insurance fueled by a championship mentality, GAINSCO Auto Insurance continues to provide for its customers. Striving for greatness is what fuels GAINSCO to victory and their use of innovative car insurance helps keep you protected for less with customer service that cannot be beaten. GAINSCO Auto Insurance is driven to help drivers protect themselves and their automobiles through affordable coverage that is there when you need it the most. It’s a championship performance from a team that you can trust!

What To Expect With Gainsco Insurance

A Great Rate No Matter Your Past

The past is the past and GAINSCO Auto Insurance is here to help you stay insured when others may not. High-risk and low-risk drivers alike can find a great rate for the coverage they deserve

Customizable Auto Insurance

Get a solution that is right for you and your auto coverage needs. Forgo cookiecutter coverages and stay on the right track when you enroll with GAINSCO Auto Insurance for protection that is tailor-made for you.

Enrollment That Keeps You Rolling With Ease

Avoid a lengthy enrollment process when you choose GAINSCO Auto Insurance. Whether you are looking to stay legal for as little as possible or gain additional protection without overpaying, GAINSCO is here to help you find the right auto insurance policy for your needs in no time

Claims That Are Handled With Confidence

By offering timely payments, a thorough claims process, and the backing of a stable financial institution, drivers know that when it’s time to make a claim, GAINSCO Auto Insurance is there to help them restore their losses.

What Insurance Does Gainsco Offer?

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