Common Myths About Motorcycle Insurance

Are you thinking about getting a motorcycle? Most people consider it at some point in their lives. If you’re ready to join the tribe, you are going to need motorcycle insurance. Unfortunately, much like motorcycles in general, there are a lot of misconceptions out there about motorcycle insurance. These are the motorcycle insurance myths we see most often.

If I Lend My Friend My Bike, Their Insurance Will Cover It

While it is true that some people have insurance policies that will cover them riding a vehicle that isn’t theirs, it’s very dangerous to assume that that is the case. In many cases, handing over the keys does not equate to handing over liability. If your friend crashes your bike, you and your insurance provider could be on the hook for the associated costs. If you are going to lend someone your bike, do your research first.

If You Get Your Car Insurance Through A Different Company, Anything That Counts Against Your Car Will Not Affect Your Motorcycle

This is a pervasive myth that simply is not true. All insurers take your total driving record into account when calculating your costs. If you get into an accident in your car, it could very easily have an affect on your motorcycle insurance. Remember, even when using separate insurers, accidents can be rated on both of your policies. Whether you are on four wheels, or two, always drive safely–you’ll be paying for it either way.

Since Motorcycles Are So Small, You Only Need The State Minimum Coverage

This is not true at all. Contrary to popular belief, a motorcycle is capable of causing just as much damage as a car. Yes, a motorcycle is smaller than a car, but an accident can easily lead to a multiple car pileup, which, if you’re at fault, you will be liable for. Don’t fall for this myth. Always purchase a motorcycle insurance policy that will cover you, and your motorcycle, in any situation.

Parking Tickets Are Going To Make My Insurance Costs Skyrocket

Everyone who first gets a motorcycle enjoys the feeling that they can park in all kinds of places that are not possible in a car. The reality is that you really do need to pay attention to where you park as police across the country are infamous for ticketing bikers parked in unusual places.

Thankfully, the parking tickets that you do accrue will not have a major impact on the cost of your motorcycle insurance. Most insurance companies do not consider parking tickets as part of your driving record when deciding your costs. However, those tickets can have a substantial effect on your costs if they go unpaid. Remember, it’s ok if you get a ticket as long as you pay it!

If you are getting a new motorcycle or are simply looking for a new insurance policy, remembering the truth about these motorcycle insurance myths will help you in your search. It’s always important to consult with an insurance professional before making a final decision about any police. The folks are TGS Insurance are experts in motorcycle insurance and are always happy to answer any questions you may have. Visit for more information.

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