Does Auto Insurance Cover Rental Cars?

Your auto insurance can cover your rental car, however, to what extent will depend on the coverage option you choose. Standard auto insurance policies come with liability coverage with the opportunity for motorists to add additional protections such as comprehensive and collision coverages. Even then, every policy and insurance carrier is different. You may be covered for a limit for much less than you might need should you experience a wreck in a rental and be left with the bill as a result. Contact your agent to better understand your auto insurance policy before you skip out on coverage options you might need while renting.

What Does Liability Coverage Protect When Renting?

Having liability coverage is the bare minimum in most states and without at least this minimum amount of coverage, you cannot legally drive and will not be able to rent an automobile. Liability coverage is enough to rent a car but may leave you vulnerable should you become at fault, your rental is stolen, or there is a loss of use that occurs. Furthermore, if your limits are too low, even if you are covered, you may find yourself left with part of the bill on your own in the aftermath of a peril. Speak to your agent about your policy’s terms, limits, possible temporary limit raises, and if purchasing additional policies from your rental company may be right for you.

Understanding Collision Coverage & Comprehensive Coverage When Renting

Collision coverage will help you stay protected during incidents that occur while you are driving while comprehensive coverage handles things like damage to your car while you are not operating or if your car is stolen. These are great coverage options that can help you stay covered when renting a vehicle, but again, you’ll need to speak with your agent about the specifics of your policy to understand what is specifically covered. There are also legal liabilities that you may not be covered from without additional coverages that may make adding a temporary coverage option through your rental company of choice the safest idea.

*Note: while your rental may be covered when stolen, if you have personal items inside, you’ll likely be forced to pay to restore these items on your own without the right home insurance policy.

Does Full Coverage Auto Insurance Cover Everything for a Rental Car?

Full coverage combines liability with collision and comprehensive to create a much wider umbrella of coverage that may extend to your rental car depending on your policy. There are still other considerations including legal costs that could arise due to an accident. It is also important to note that if your policy doesn’t cover loss of use and you decline an additional coverage option from your rental company, you may find yourself on the hook for these expenses out of your own pocket. Speak with your agent to understand the specifics of your full coverage auto policy and when in doubt, spend a little extra for the additional coverage and peace-of-mind.

Miscellaneous Events That May Arise While Renting

Knowing your policy can be frustrating as you already have a million things to take care of which is why having the right agent is imperative. (Hint: Use TGS Insurance!) There are a lot of considerations to remember when renting a car. Take a look at a few of the uncommonly common things to consider while renting a car:

  • A stolen rental vehicle.
  • Paying to replace stolen items from your rental (you may need the right home insurance policy to stay protected).
  • Legal liability in the aftermath of an accident.
  • The loss of use of the rental vehicle in the event repairs needs to be made.

All-in-all, there are a lot of stipulations and perils to consider. Your agent can help you find the right coverage for your needs and help you understand what your policies do and do not cover while renting.

The Bottom Line When Renting an Automobile

Because no two policies or carriers are alike, it is best to speak with your agent to figure out the best course of action for your rental needs. TGS Insurance’s team of agents provides our clients with the best coverage for the lowest price on the market through comparison shopping and an unrivaled level of customer service. But, working with you to secure the right home or auto insurance policy is only part of what we do. Your dedicated TGS Insurance agent is a personal insurance liaison to help guide you through your policy and coverage needs year after year. We even shop rates should you experience a rate increase to keep you covered for less in the future, find bundles that save you money, and act as a resource for you along the way. Contact TGS Insurance today and gain peace of mind while renting and beyond!

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