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Shopping For Cheap Leland Home Insurance Is Easier Than You Think

As an independent agency, we represent 55+ top-rated insurance carriers, which allows us to offer comprehensive insurance options to meet your every need. The best part? Our highly qualified homeowners insurance agents do the hard work for you, making your home insurance shopping process easy and stress-free. Your savings start with an instant, free quote. Our agents are ready to help you further customize your quote and find any discounts you might qualify for! 

We shop. You Save. Yes, it is that easy.


Leland Home Insurance Coverage

The beauty of home insurance is that it can be tailored to fit you and your situation. Typically, a standard home insurance policy covers the following:

  • Coverage for your home and other structures on your property, like detached garages
  • Coverage for your belongings inside your home, like clothes and furniture
  • Liability coverage for guests that may be injured on your property
  • It covers additional living expenses if you need temporary lodging while your home is being repaired


What is the Average Cost of Home Insurance in Leland?

In Leland, the average cost of home insurance for TGS Insurance customers is $3,276 per year. While the cost of your policy will depend on several factors, such as the value and age of your home, your location, and your credit score, our agents can help you find the coverage you need at a price you can afford. We’ll work with you to customize your coverage and ensure you’re not sacrificing anything important to save money.


Average Home Insurance Quotes in Leland by Coverage Level

Dwelling coverage is a critical aspect of home insurance that protects your home’s physical structure from covered hazards. Your home insurance policy typically provides coverage up to a specified dollar amount, known as the policy limit. Ensuring that your dwelling coverage limit is sufficient to rebuild your home in the event of a total loss is critical. Since the insurance company assumes more risk, dwelling coverage limits may significantly impact home insurance premiums, with higher limits resulting in higher premiums. Below is a breakdown of the average home insurance premium based on dwelling coverage limits.

Dwelling Coverage LimitsAverage Annual Premium (incl. Windstorm & Hail Coverage)
$100,000.00 - $199,999.00$2,340.33
$200,000.00 - $299,999.00$2,985.67
$300,000.00 - $399,999.00$3,624.89
$400,000.00 - $499,999.00$4,324.91


Leland Home Insurance Quotes and Your Home’s Age

Many factors go into calculating your home insurance premium, including your home’s age. Typically, older homes are more expensive to insure because their structure and other components tend to be outdated (Ex. using galvanized piping instead of PEX) and experienced years of all-around wear and tear. 

Age is not the only influencing factor for your home insurance premium. Carriers look at a variety of other things, including: 

  • Attractive nuisances 
  • Pet breeds
  • Claims history
  • Credit score
  • Crime rate 
  • Location
  • Marital status
  • Size
  • Replacement cost
  • And much more!


How Does My ZIP Code Affect My Home Insurance?

While some factors regarding your location, such as the probability of severe weather, are calculated at the city or county level. Some factors are analyzed as specifically as your zip code or neighborhood. Since the size and build of your home are usually consistent within neighborhoods, the location of your home plays a significant role in determining your risk of covered perils. In Leland, the ZIP code 28479 is the area with the lowest premium of $2,772 for TGS customers. The ZIP code with the highest premium is 28451, costing TGS customers an average of $3,276 a year. 

zip code map of home insurance prices in leland NC


Compare Leland Home Insurance Premiums By Carrier

The price is often the most influential factor when considering a home insurance policy. Because each carrier sets its rates, sometimes the same type of coverage can vary in price among different carriers. Hippo and Homeowners of America are two of our most popular carriers in Leland—home insurance quotes from TGS Insurance for Hippo average $2,595 annually. Home insurance quotes for Homeowners of America run more expensive at $3,956 per year. 

When picking the right home insurance carrier, many factors are involved. You want to make sure the carrier you choose is right for you! Here are some questions to ask yourself when picking a home insurance carrier. 

  • What is their price for the coverage I want?
  • What are the company’s history and reputation?
  • Have you heard anything about the company?
  • Do they offer the coverage I am looking for? 
  • Are there discounts available?
  • Is it easy and convenient to work with them?

At TGS Insurance Agency, we work with over 55+ ‘A-rated’ home insurance carriers to help you make the right decision for your home. Use these questions and call one of our agents to find the right fit for you.

chart comparing carrier prices for home insurance in Leland, NC


Leland Zip Codes We Insure

  • 28451
  • 28479

Zip code not listed? Don’t worry! We can help homeowners throughout North Carolina save money on their home insurance. Get started with a free instant quote by providing your address above. 

TGS Insurance is Leland's Premier Home Insurance Provider

Leland neighborhood

Leland, North Carolina, is near the Carolina coast on Brunswick Islands. Their beaches are used and loved by tourists and locals. It is close to the historic town of Wilmington and other beaches. Residents love to explore Brunswick Nature Park and see NC wildlife. The small-town charm paired with new energy makes Leland a perfect little city.

Leland neighborhood

At TGS Insurance Agency, we only work with the finest insurance carriers, so Leland residents can consistently expect a comprehensive homeowners insurance policy at a low cost. As an independent agency with thousands of happy customers, partnerships with 35+ carriers, and exceptional customer service, we win business from Leland locals daily.

Key Home Statistics in Leland


Total Population in Leland, NC


Average Home Value in Leland, NC


Median Household Income in Leland, NC


Median Age in Leland, NC

Major Neighborhoods in Leland, NC

Image of Grayson Park Neighborhood

Grayson Park

Only a few minutes from downtown Wilmington, Grayson Park is the ideal neighborhood in Leland, North Carolina. It has beautiful landscaping and a charming feel.

Image of Magnolia Greens Neighborhood

Magnolia Greens

Magnolia Greens is a beautiful golf community in Leland. It is near the Leland Cultural Arts Center and the Airlie Gardens where residents love to relax.

Image of Ibis Landing Neighborhood

Ibis Landing

Ibis Landing is another charming area in Leland, North Carolina. From there, you can easily access Wilmington and other surrounding waterfront cities.

Local Home Resources in Leland, NC

Fire Departments
Fire Department-Leland Volunteer Fire Department1004 Village Rd NE
Leland, NC 28451
(910) 371-2727
Navassa Volunteer Fire Department336 Main St
Leland, NC 28451
(910) 371-9988
NW Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department5029 Blue Banks Loop Rd NE
Leland, NC 28451
(910) 655-2668
Police Departments
Leland Police Department102 Town Hall Dr
Leland, NC 28451
Leland Police Dept125 Division Dr
Leland, NC 28451
Leland Town Police Dept102 Town Hall Dr
Leland, NC 28451