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Switching Car Insurance Carriers in 5 Easy Steps

Changing your car insurance provider doesn’t have to be as big of a hassle as you might think and drivers who do so can get better coverage and lower rates. It’s pretty common for drivers to stick with the same auto insurer month after month, year after year simply out of habit or simplicity. However, this could often result in paying much more than they need to be. When you consider that everything from your driving record to your credit score and even your age can play a role in how much you pay for car insurance, it becomes clear to see why it might be time to make the switch for your auto policy. Let’s review the five easy steps for switching your car insurance:

  1. Compare the rates of at least 5 to 10 car insurance brands and the coverages you need.
  2. Speak with your auto insurer to understand your policy’s end date to avoid a lapse in coverage and any penalties associated with your car insurance policy for switching before your policy is over.
  3. Contact your new car insurance agent and make the switch.
  4. Be sure to contact any lending, leasing, or any other entities that may need to know that you are switching car insurance providers.
  5. Print out your new car insurance IDs. Though many brands continue to move to a digital version, having a hard copy can help you should cellular service be unavailable.

Switching your auto policy can be a simple process, but may take the average driver some time to do so. The key here is to research and find not only a lower rate but a lower rate among a sea of insurance brands all while retaining your coverages. At TGS Insurance, we help motorists save money without cutting their coverage and can shop our bank of more than 35 top-rated auto insurance partners to guarantee you the lowest rate possible for the coverages you need. Still, there are many considerations drivers should take when switching their car insurance provider. Contact TGS Insurance to make the switch and have one of our expert insurance agents walk you through the process or keep reading to learn more about what to consider when you are switching your car insurance company.

What to Consider When Switching Car Insurance

When drivers change their car insurance provider, there are plenty of considerations they should look into. These considerations range from determining if making a move makes sense to assessing how their insurance is billed. Don’t get blindsided by switching your car insurance:

  • Determine your “why?” Are you moving? Is there a raise in your premium? Know why you are making the switch before researching.
  • Be aware that if you have recently filed a claim with your existing car insurance provider, waiting until it is resolved may be the best option because you may end up paying more due to a premium increase all while dealing with multiple brands for coverage, clarity, and restoration.
  • A lapse in coverage is never a good idea. Besides raising your rates, you are putting yourself and your property in a vulnerable position in the meantime. Again, speaking with your insurance provider can help you better understand when your coverage ends to stay protected at all times.

Things to Watch Out for When Switching Your Car Insurance

Switching your car insurance provider can be a great moment for drivers who end up saving more and worrying less as a result. But there are some factors that drivers need to be aware of before making the switch to a new brand:

  • Penalties and billing cycles can hinder your move. Some auto policies have penalties for canceling while others will simply return the unused premium. You can also find that the way insurance companies bill you for your premium can make it seem like you’re paying twice on the way out rather than saving money. Speak with your car insurance provider to better understand how these financial aspects can affect you when switching.
  • Not all auto insurance companies offer the same discounts and if you are accustomed to receiving a particular discount that you may qualify for with brand “A”, you’ll need to include this as part of your research when looking to switch to brand “B”. Of course, our agents are always ready to help you shop and compare discounted rates so that you know that discount or not, you’ll be receiving the lowest market rate possible.
  • Confirm that your auto policy is canceled. This is important because the last thing you would want to do is to have your credit suffer for failure to pay or to have a dispute with your bank over an auto-pay that should have never happened.

Switch and Save on Your Car Insurance With TGS Insurance Agency

If you’re ready to make a change for your car insurance and save big while doing so, TGS Insurance is here to help. Our average customer saves an average of $1,237 a year on their car insurance! By doing the heavy lifting for you and comparing rates of more than 35 top-rated auto insurers, we can find you the best coverages for your car for the lowest rate. You can even save more money when you bundle your homeowners and auto policies together. Contact us today and one of our agents can help you throughout the process to find the coverage you need for a price you’ll love.