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Insurance Claims That Increase in the Fall and Tips for Preventing Them

Seasons come and go throughout the year but as they change, insurance carriers tend to see the rise and fall of various claims depending on the season we are in. Fall is here and with it are new trends in insurance which means a rise in particular claims. Sometimes, things just happen and there is nothing we can do, but staying prepared and knowledgeable about the various rises in certain claims can help homeowners and motorists protect themselves ahead of time to reduce the chances of these unfortunate perils occurring to them this season. Explore these common claims with TGS Insurance and stay better prepared this autumn.

Accidents Caused by Animals

It can be easy, especially for those within cities such as Houston, to forget that animals are invading our space far less than we are invading theirs. As we continue to learn how to coexist and expand, wild animals must too learn how to navigate our expanding reach. Fall and early winter set the stage for a lot of animal movement big and small and with other activities such as hunting playing a part, we see animals venture into areas they normally avoid. Be aware, drive defensively, and watch for signs that show the possibility of wildlife crossing in the area.

Rear-end Crashes Rise in the Fall

Maybe it’s the changing of our environment, the growing advertisements for holiday deals, holiday radio tracks, seasonal holiday beverages, or all of the above. Whatever the culprit, one thing remains, in the fall you can expect more rear-end accidents. Distracted driving plays a huge role in rear-end crashes that can be costly, painful, and even fatal. Put your phone down, keep your eyes on the road ahead, and limit your distractions.

Damage From Parking Lot Accidents Also Rise

Parking lots have more cars in them leading up to the holidays as shoppers scramble to find the latest deals on the hottest items, so it makes perfect sense that there is also a rise in claims related to damage from parking lots. Even in 2020, a year that is having us socially distance and continue much of our shopping online, you can expect a rise in traffic during October-December. A great way to avoid such an issue is to continue doing your part by socially distancing yourself from in-person shopping and shop online. There are no shopping carts to damage your car, distracted drivers, or anything else that could cause your car harm when you sit in the comfort of your home and shop virtually.

Thefts From Your Vehicle are More Common

A car full of gifts is a dream come true for thieves. As shoppers hop from store to store, thieves looking to score will scope out potential targets. Locking your car doors and keeping things out of plain sight are great steps to prevent thieves looking for an easy target. Parking near security or cameras can also help deter a thief from breaking into your vehicle for your belongings. Online shopping is again a great way to avoid large crowds and avoid break-ins for your automobile.

Home Invasions Rise as the Holidays Approach

In the same way, thieves are looking for people stocking up on gifts in your car, sadly they will be doing the same for your home. Shopping online is a great way to get everything you need to be delivered right to you, but thieves know this too and can steal your packages or worse, break into your home and steal a lot more. There are several things you can do to help prevent a home invasion or a package from getting stolen:

  • Check out our complete guide to prevent home invasions here.
  • Have a camera and a place out of sight that allows for your packages to be delivered.
  • Always discard packaging in a discreet way as to not entice thieves looking for a home with lots of valuables.
  • Have a neighbor you trust collect packages when you aren’t home.
  • Keep your home visible, locked, and the illusion of someone being home (example: keep a light on with the television on as well).

Common sense approaches can go a long way here. Make sure your home is secure and keep what you purchase as discreet as possible to avoid an unwanted home insurance claim.

Fire Damage is a Considerable Threat

Fall is all about candles, cozying up next to the fire, Christmas lights are beginning to come into play…we get it! But these things, while festive, can pose serious fire threats to your home. The same goes for that delicious fried turkey your uncle swears by. Not enjoying these things is a great way to reduce your risk but a more practical approach is to implement responsible precautions:

  • Always blow out candles when not in use or at home and be sure to have your candles in a place away from flammable materials.
  • Monitor your fire and be sure to avoid having sparks fall within your home that can ignite your carpet or other flammable materials. Keep these materials well removed from any fire and keep flammable materials away from controlled bonfires when enjoying the outdoors. Bonfires should always be in an adequate fireplace of their own.
  • Before hanging up your decorations and lights, be sure to inspect for and change any burnt bulbs or faulty wiring you come across.
  • If you must fry a turkey, be sure to have an extinguisher on hand and do so in an outdoor setting well away from other flammable materials. Always smother it, DO NOT USE WATER.

At the end of the day, as the temperatures drop, fire can play an interesting or a devastating role in how we experience the changing of the seasons. With responsible actions and planning, we can all enjoy a safer, claim-free fall.

Frozen Pipes Leading to Water Damage

An important thing to keep in mind this fall: if it has a water source, as temperatures drop, it has a risk of freezing. Burst pipes are expensive enough but when you consider the damage water can cause to your structure, personal belongings, and heaven-forbid it occurs above the first floor, water damage can be a costly claim on your home insurance policy. Monitor the weather and be sure to wrap your pipes outside at the source to keep them insulated. You can also leave a small stream of water running from your sink, shower, and tub to ensure water is flowing and it doesn’t get the chance to freeze up inside of your pipes. If you do suspect your pipe has frozen, find a safe way to provide heat to the suspected area and call a professional, insured plumber if conditions do not improve.

Protect Your Home and Car This Fall With TGS Insurance

Following these tips will help you avoid some of the most common claims in home and auto insurance this fall but regardless of how many precautions we take, the only way to truly stay protected is with quality insurance policies from a reputable agency such as TGS Insurance. We help customers find the right home insurance and auto insurance policies by shopping through a variety of insurance carriers to ensure you not only save money but receive the right amount of coverage for your needs. You can also bundle your home and auto policies for even more savings. Find out how much you can save today by contacting TGS Insurance today!