How Can I Prepare For A Teen Driver?

Driving has been a right of passage for Americans for decades, but driving in 2019 is not what it once was. The American roadways are more crowded than ever, with vehicles that are more powerful than ever. This has made driving an increasingly dangerous activity, which (understandably) has a lot of parents on edge. That’s why we’ve decided to write this article detailing our top three tips for parents to help get their teen drivers ready for the road in 2019.

Set Ground Rules
Most teens think that once they have their license that all bets are off. It’s important to take the time to talk with your teen driver and set expectations for how they behave behind the wheel. Make it clear that being able to drive yourself is a privilege, not a right.

Of course, the rules you want to set for your young driver are entirely up to you. These are a few of our favorites:
Never use your cell phone while driving.
Always buckle up before putting the car in drive.
No driving at night.
Keep music at a reasonable volume.

The reality is that the most effective way to become a better driver is to actually drive. That means that you will need to set aside time to hop in the passenger seat and give your teenager the keys.

Of course, giving your teenager the keys for the first time then hopping on the highway is probably not a good idea. Find an empty parking lot, or back roads to give your teen time to practice. This will help them with their technical driver skills and also help them build the confidence they need to be an accomplished, and safe, driver.

Adjust Your Policy
Statistically, the age group that is most likely to be involved in a motor-vehicle accident are teenagers. Knowing that, if you are going to have a teenage driver on your insurance plan it might be worth adding coverage to your policy for their teenage years.

Having a teenage driver is a stressful experience as a parent. Don’t add to that stress by neglecting to update your car insurance policy.

If you have any questions about your current car insurance policy, or want to learn more about adding a new driver to that policy, we encourage you to reach out to the staff at TGS Insurance. They will work with you to find the right policy for your budget, and your teenage driver. Visit to learn more.

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